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Study shows video games could cut dementia risk in seniors
Ireland has only recovered by 41% from the recession
'Nobody should live in fear due to lack of garda resources': 45% of all agricultural crime not reported to gardaĆ­
There's been a rise in weather-related disasters of almost 50% and it's being blamed on climate change
Doctors in Irish hospitals sharing sensitive patient data on Whatsapp
Almost half of people with food allergies develop them in adulthood - US study
Oberstown: Almost half of children detained in centre at risk of abuse or neglect
Pollution linked to nine million deaths around the world in 2015 (and close to 1,800 of those were in Ireland)
No public health policy has 'been designed with the homeless population specifically in mind'
Gamble on sports? 'Tone' of tweets can help predict the outcome of football matches
Meteorites splashing into warm ponds could have started life on Earth
Former rugby players suffer joint, bone problems - study
Sexual and aggressive impulses overlap in male animal brains, but not in females - study
Diesel emissions may be responsible for 5,000 deaths in Europe every year
Seven million deaths were caused by tobacco use last year
Rise in house sales along commuter belts due to lack of affordable homes in Dublin
Many mislabelled moisturisers are causing problems for skin disorder sufferers
Heavy drinking may affect young male and female brains very differently
11 minutes of mindfulness enough to make heavy drinkers cut back on alcohol, study says
Most schools with low uptake rate of HPV vaccine are disadvantaged - study