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Removing sweets from supermarket checkouts linked to fall in unhealthy snack purchases
That’s according to a study published in the Plos Medicine journal this week.
Brainwaves suppress obvious ideas to help us think more creatively, study finds
Creativity requires humans to break away from more common and easily reached ideas.
There's a higher risk of having a heart attack on Christmas Eve - study
The risk is also higher during New Years’ Day and Midsummer holidays, and on Monday mornings.
This ancient strain of plague may have aided in wipeout of Neolithic Europeans
New research suggests that plague may have been spread among Neolithic European settlements by traders.
Too much sleep linked to increased risk of death and heart disease - study
The recommended amount of sleep is about six to eight hours a day.
New report details surge in activity from far-right Twitter accounts during Mediterranean crisis
Dublin City University analysed almost 7.5 million tweets during the period October 2015- May 2016.
Thyroid cancer impact on children and teens following Fukushima nuclear accident
More than 3,600 people died from causes such as illness and suicide linked to the aftermath of the tragedy.
Suicide: Concerns that Netflix show 13 Reasons Why could lead to 'copycat cases'
The popular Netflix drama has proven controversial, with research around the world ongoing.
Antidepressant prescriptions increased after Brexit vote
The UK voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016.
MDMA makes you more likely to cooperate, but only with trustworthy people - study
The team behind the study said their findings could help the treatment of psychiatric conditions such as PTSD.
Growing up in Ireland: Just one in four 9-year-olds get recommended level of physical activity
One quarter reported being physically active for at least 60 minutes every day.
Smoking and diabetes have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than men - study
Smoking increased a woman’s risk of a heart attack by 55% more than it increased the risk in a man.
Many non-Irish nationals are as likely to be employed and as educated as Irish people
Research published by the ESRI this morning examines how well migrants are settling into Ireland.
Culture strongly influences how young people cope with natural disasters, study finds
“We found that culture really matters in terms of how adolescents respond to a disaster.”
There are more people who drink, smoke and have illnesses in deprived areas
In the last 3 years, the number of smokers in Ireland decreased by 80,000.
For 25% of young adults, the 2016 US election was a 'traumatic experience'
“There was a lot of discourse around race and identity… I think that really heightened stress for a lot of people,” the lead author said.
E-cigarette vaping causes skin wounds to heal more slowly - study
Studies have indicated that e-cigarettes aren’t necessarily healthy, but could be less damaging than normal cigarettes.
France defied poor stats to win 2018 World Cup, says Fifa report
The report also said that the competition was short of classic playmakers.
Caesarean section use has almost doubled globally since 2000
There are dangers associated with the procedure.
Study says humans can recognise 5,000 faces
The study by the University of York found that humans could recall between 1,000 to 10,000 faces.
It's not just for kids - even adults appear to benefit from a regular bedtime, study finds
The study found that irregular sleepers were also more likely to report depression and stress than regular sleepers.
Male tennis players punished more than women - report
Men were fined 344 times compared to 140 for “audible obscenity” and 287 to 67 for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Drinking full-fat milk can 'lower the risk of heart disease'
Good news for whole-fat milk enthusiasts – a new study suggests consuming same can lower your chances of death by heart disease.
The Junior Cert results are out today - here's all you need to know
Grades in the pillar subjects of Irish, English, and Maths remain relatively unchanged from previous years.
Over 1.4 billion adults globally at risk of disease from not doing enough physical activity
The diseases include type two diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.
Being homeless for more than six months can significantly damage children's health - study
Although the study is US-based, many factors of it still ring true for those children who are homeless in Ireland.
This is how much sleep you should be getting every night for maximum heart healthiness
Much less than six hours, and anything more than eight puts you at a significantly higher risk of heart trouble, new research suggests.
No partitions between desks may be 'healthier' for office workers
This layout is linked to higher levels of physical activity while at work, and lower levels of stress outside the office, a new study suggests.
Alcohol is linked to 2.8 million deaths worldwide each year
The study’s authors said that there is no safe level of alcohol as benefits are outweighed other effects of drinking.
A third of fruit and veg 'too ugly' to sell
More than 50 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables are discarded each year in Europe.
Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection, study finds
That alienating vibe also makes sleep-deprived individuals more socially unattractive to others.
Exceptionally hot weather expected for another four years, researchers say
Manmade global warming and a natural change in the Earth’s temperature will join forces over the coming years, the study suggested.
Irish scientists discover new treatment to help prevent relapse of aggressive form of breast cancer
The groundbreaking research was conducted by scientists at the Apoptosis Research Centre in NUIG.
E-cigarette vapour can damage immune system in lungs, study suggests
Some of the effects were similar to those seen in regular smokers and people with chronic lung disease.
New study finds that men can get postpartum depression too
Previous studies have found that men sometimes exhibit symptoms reminiscent of pregnancy.
Out of your league? Study shows most online daters seek more desirable mates
The majority of people in the analysed dating networks contact other people who are 25% more desirable than themselves.
Sleeping more than eight hours a night increases your mortality risk, study finds
A sleep duration of 10 hours is linked with 30% increased risk of dying compared to sleeping for seven hours.
70% of female students in Ireland experience sexual hostility or gender harassment
54% of first-year women students reported experiencing sexual hostility or crude gender harassment since starting college.
Parents with severe trauma in childhood more likely to have children with behavioural problems
The types of childhood hardships include divorce or separation of parents, death of a parent, and emotional, physical or sexual abuse.
Men's testosterone levels largely determined by their childhood environment, study finds
The study challenges the theory that testosterone levels are controlled by genetics or race.