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James Milner the second-best performing full-back in Europe - study
Meanwhile, Man City’s Kevin de Bruyne is the highest-rated attacking midfielder.
6 facts about AI that will actually blow your mind
Artificial intelligence? Let’s just say robot butlers are closer than you think.
Poland, India and Thailand better countries for expats than Ireland
The new HSBC survey put Ireland in 27th place, up four places from last year.
'Children should be screened for cholesterol to cut down on heart attacks'
A rare condition can increase chance of a heart attack by 100 times if not detected.
Forget Brexit, Irish people are still strongly in favour of the EU
Research has shown 80% of Irish people would vote in favour of remaining in the EU.
It's official - Facebook makes you miserable, according to new research
People’s emotional life improves significantly when they quit the social network for a week, a study found.
'New' fatherhood and greater diversity: How Irish families have changed in 100 years
The Maynooth University research-based book Family Rhythms compared families now to other generations – and where the trend is headed.
Days on Earth are getting longer (very, very slowly)
A new study says that Earth’s days are getting longer by around 1.8 milliseconds per century.
People who shave, wax or trim their pubic hair are at a higher risk of catching an STI
A major study found that pubic groomers are 80% more likely to carry an STI – but said it could not conclude that shaving caused the infections.
Urinary problems and erectile dysfunction - men with prostate cancer share their experiences
A new study will engage with 1,300 men to receive information on their quality of life before and throughout their treatments.
A new map shows where people are getting the least vitamin D in Dublin
The map charts vitamin D deficiency rates across the Dublin area.
Over 11,000 pregnant women at risk of depression in Ireland - study
A new study shows the probability of women becoming depressed during pregnancy in Ireland.
Study shows vast majority of Irish women who took abortion pills feel they made right decision
The study examined the experiences of women who accessed abortion pills online.
'No evidence' that fitness trackers improve your health, says study
Although money can motivate you enough to increase exercise levels – it doesn’t improve your overall health, according to a new study.
Children who own mobile phones are doing worse in maths and reading
A national study has found that children who spend more time online and watching TV are scoring worse.
Trinity study seeks women exposed to Hepatitis C-contaminated product in 70s
Almost half of the women screened, who had contact with the virus, showed no signs of infection after.
Sex could be great for ageing women's health - but risky for older men
That’s according to researchers, who have analysed data from over 2000 people.
Man United signing of Eric Bailly named the Premier League's most overpriced transfer
CIES Football Observatory has used an algorithm to assess the highest gaps between fee paid and the estimated real worth of a player.
Programme meant to deter teenage pregnancies actually makes them more likely
These type of pregnancy programmes are used in 89 countries around the world – this new study casts serious doubt over them.
A 400-year-old Greenland shark has been found to be the world's oldest vertebrate
The shark was probably born sometime between 1500 and 1740 with the most likely birth year 1620.
New study shows tigers, lions and other carnivores becoming endangered as prey dwindles
A quarter of the main land carnivores’ prey are now threatened themselves.
Locking mental health patients into wards 'does not reduce suicide risk'
German research carried out over a 14-year period has cast doubts over the practice.
Just one hour physical activity a day could undo damage from 8 hours sitting around
A new study shows that one hour of physical activity reduces any increased risk of death from not doing anything.
Dutch men are the tallest in the world (but the Irish aren't so short themselves)
New research has tracked growth trends across 200 countries for the past 100 years.
Boxset bingewatching could leave you with blood clots, says new study
Each two hours of inactivity in front of the TV sharply raises the risk of a fatal pulmonary embolism by 40%
Violent criminals can judge potential victims based on their walk
The worrying study found that the criminals can rate an individual’s vulnerability based on their gait. .
College graduates at higher risk of cancerous brain tumours, researchers find
“It was a surprising result which is difficult to explain,” the lead author of the study said.
Pushy parents create self-critical children
Take a step back, mams and dads.
Criminalising abortion does nothing to prevent it
Rates in the developed world are at an all-time low.
Study shows marijuana users twice as likely to give birth prematurely
For women who continue to smoke throughout their pregnancy – they are five times more likely to have a preterm birth.
"In theory you could do anything you wanted with a human embryo in Ireland"
A new, controversial embryo-growth breakthrough could help science in the study of infertility. However, fears abound that the research breaches ethical guidelines.
Study follows aftermath of The Biggest Loser - shows incredible difficulty contestants have in keeping weight off
Danny Cahill, winner of the reality show in 2009, lost 239 pounds in seven months. Since then he has regained over 100 pounds.
Men who hit their partners function differently to criminals
A new study will have a major impact on understanding men who abuse their partners.
Open thread: Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
The School of Psychology at NUI Galway is starting to research the topic. But have you ever experienced it?
Scientists say people can accurately judge how trustworthy you are just by looking at your face
A new study finds it’s possible to predict honest or dishonest behaviour just by looking at someone’s face.
‘l just hope that I can keep going as long as I can without being a big problem to people... a burden I suppose"
A new study shows that people with MND can feel like a burden towards those who care for them.
What's the best way to destroy violent gangs? Legalise the drugs
The main currency propelling these gangs is the supply and sale of illicit drugs. We can remove their power, writes Aaron McKenna.
Women can see when other women are at their most fertile by just looking at their face
That’s according to a study which found that more fertile women “are better at guarding their mate from potential adultery”.
"I had a 14-day detox that sent me into horrible withdrawals... but I still went back to heroin"
Paul started snorting heroin aged 18. What followed was over 20 years of serious drug abuse before he finally decided to get clean.
Part of your diet you should consider if you're thinking of having a baby: Potatoes
The risk of gestational diabetes increases with the consumption of more potatoes.