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Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century
Women with history of gum disease at higher risk of cancer, study says
Study indicates diabetes drug could help slow progression of Parkinson's
The number of blind people in the world is set to triple by 2050
The Mediterranean diet only has heart benefits for the well-off, says study
Small decline in MMR vaccinations could have a serious effect
In a study of older Irish women with Down Syndrome, almost all had dementia 20 years later
Warning of 'huge public health problem' as men's sperm counts have halved in last 40 years
Study finds 99% of former NFL players have brain disease caused by blows to the head
'It shouldn't be laughed at': Study begins on effect bowel disorders have on women's minds
Long working hours can cause an irregular heart rhythm
Rising temperatures will make it harder for planes to take off in coming decades
Face-to-face bullying is still far more common than cyberbullying
Two studies show association between coffee-drinking and living longer
Sex robots could help elderly, disabled but may lead to more objectification of women, study warns
Want your kid in the starting XI? Make sure he's born in the spring
Shape of bird eggs related to their ability to fly - study
'People have no idea how isolating caring can be': Study shows high levels of depression among dementia carers
Four people broke their wrist in a week in Galway last year... taking selfies
A nasty divorce or separation harms a child's health for decades
New drug can reduce risk of dying by almost 40% for advanced prostate cancer patients
Infertility problems in mice solved with 3D-printed ovaries
Common painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack - study
Constant sunscreen use causes vitamin D deficiency, says study
A huge number of people hear voices in their head, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing
One 'diet drink' a day could increase risk of dementia and strokes - seven-year study
People's racial bias begins as babies
Dublin adults over 10 times more likely to rely on public transport than those in rural areas
Ireland tops the list internationally as 85% of people here pre-drink
Med schools 'conscious of distress' experienced by families of infants whose remains were sent to universities
There has been a plunge in the number of students who want to do nursing
You need to eat 10 fruit and veg a day to avoid serious illnesses, study says
8 of the world's most successful people share how to get ahead at work
Work remotely? It might make you more stressed and affect your sleep
A four-star Galway hotel is set to be converted into student accommodation
Drugs, alcohol and social status used to coerce young children into life of crime
Study on ancestry of Irish Travellers details genetic connection to settled community
Concussion symptoms three times higher in soccer players who head the ball
Ireland has one of the worst hospital waiting times in Europe
It seems that sex toys are less dangerous than regular children's toys...