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Journal Media Content and Advertising

At Journal Media we aim to deliver trustworthy, high-quality journalism for everyone, without a paywall. Advertising is a key part of the funding model that allows us to keep doing this.

We are committed to transparency to our readers. Where any content has been directly supported by advertiser funding, it will be clearly labelled in one of the following categories.



What this means: Advertiser content is fully funded by a sponsoring brand, and is produced in collaboration with that brand. Content produced by Journal Media under this label is commissioned and approved by our commercial department. The sponsor has also approved the content before publication. The content is considered an advertisement by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland and is subject to regulation.

How it is labelled: This content is marked in our newsfeed with a ‘Sponsored’ tag above the article title and is accompanied by the brand name and logo. Within the article, either the brand name and logo replace the author details (iOS & Android apps) or a branded banner appears both above and below the article text (website).



What this means: Editorial partnerships are content projects which are funded by a brand, but produced independently under the oversight of our editorial teams. This allows us to cover areas that we believe are of interest to our readers but couldn't be resourced routinely by our newsroom without funding from a partner.

In these partnerships, the brand may select the overall theme with which they wish to be associated, but the content is then produced to meet our editorial standards, and the brand does not approve it before publication. As well as overseeing the content itself, senior Journal Media editors make the final decision on which editorial partnerships we accept.

How it is labelled: Content that is part of an editorial partnership is marked with the words ‘brought to you by’, and the logo of the funding brand.



What this means: This is independent editorial content which already exists on our publications, regardless of advertiser funding. A brand may wish to be associated with a topic area which is already being covered by Journal Media. In these cases, we sell them the advertising space around topical content, and include the brand logo on this content for the duration of the sales agreement.

The content is produced independently by Journal Media, without any input from the advertising brand in either planning or production.

How it is labelled: Where ad space has been sold around a specific topic area, topical content will be marked with the words ‘supported by’, and the logo of the advertising brand.