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# Sleep

All time
# so tiiiired
Find out if you're sleep deprived with this simple test
“So tired”. “Same”.
# snooze therapy
Scientists have proven a good sleep could actually cure your cold
Experiments on fruitflies showed faster recovery and better survival rates for the ones that had more sleep.
# ridiculous o'clock
21 thoughts everyone has when getting up ridiculously early
Mornings are difficult at the best of times. But getting up even earlier? No thank you.
# can't get no sleep
The 7 ways your stupid brain keeps you awake at night
Which is your personal hell?
# zzzzzzzz
Doctors say the best way to curb obesity could be... sleep
The new study has said the key to fighting a whole range of illnesses could be a good night’s sleep.
# can't get no sleep
13 problems only insomniacs will understand
Shout out to anyone who’s become convinced they’re a terrible person at 3am.
# monday monday
This terrific tired meerkat is you on a Monday morning
That desk is just asking for someone to fall asleep on it.
# True Love
This love song beautifully expresses your feelings about sleep
Beautiful, seductive sleep.
# prostate cancer
Good night's sleep may reduce prostate cancer risk
Get to bed early tonight, lads.
# counting sheep
9 irrational thoughts that will keep you awake tonight
Now that you mention it, what IS the meaning of life?
# 'twas the night before christmas
The 10 stages of Christmas Eve you went through as a child
The short yet agonising wait until Santa arrived at last.
# Rise and shine
Watch these Russian guys wake up their friend in a very unique way
The definition of a “rude awakening”.
# wearing your dinner
16 signs that you live with children
Jam on the walls? Don’t worry, it’ll wash off.
# Nope Nope Nope
11 things you don't want to think about before bed
Things that make you go “nope”.
# Working Hours
Talks between the IMO and HSE resume today
Last week, the IMO said progress had been made in the talks.
# good intentions
The 12 stages of 'going to bed early'
None of which include actually going to bed early.
# psyche
8 strange facts about dreams you probably didn't know
Mad stuff happens when you sleep, mad.
# spoonin' spoon
The cuddle mattress could solve all your cuddling problems
# so tired
How bad a sleeper are you? Take this quiz to find out...
OK, you don’t get much sleep. But where on the scale are you?
# Yawn
Study: Your dog yawns with you because they love you
Dogs are more likely to find their owner’s yawning contagious indicating they feel empathy for their tired master. Aw.
# Suicide
Irishman to cycle for 30 hours with no sleep for suicide charity
Ricky Geoghegan said he is frustrated at how “useless” he feels about the proliferation of suicide and lack of awareness around it.
# Zzzzzzz....
There's no link between tiredness and how much sleep you get
A new study said that 20-year-olds should sleep eight hours on average, whilst 60-year-olds require only six.
# bless the rains
7 reasons to be secretly glad the Irish heatwave is over
We can’t say it openly, but the rain is a good thing. Here’s why.
# zzzzz
Video: Rabbitte admits Dáil speech on sinkholes is sending him to sleep
It wasn’t the most invigorating answer to a Dáil question that the Communications Minister was delivering in the chamber today as he himself admitted.
# pursuit of happiness
13 scientifically proven ways to be a happier person
From setting goals to simply exposing yourself to the colour blue, science says these things will improve your outlook on life.
# sleepy snoozey snooze
Which of these bad night's sleep sound familiar to you?
From the early riser’s fear to the nighttime jerks, sleep has many enemies.
# productivity
Why businesses should care how well their employees sleep
New research suggests stress messes with our sleep.
# bed rage
7 of the most annoying sleepers to share your bed with
The spooner, the face breather, the tosser…are you in there?
# wide awake
All the reasons why being unable to sleep is THE WORST
When you’re SO TIRED but you can’t sleep.
# wake up happy
Hate waking up? Here's how to become a morning person
It’s not going to happen overnight, but here’s some tips on how to sleep better and wake up happy.
# oiche mhaith
The guide to going to sleep
Let us soothe you into a magnificent sleep this Thursday night.
# sleep is hell
11 really annoying things that happen while you're asleep
Bedtime is totally overrated.
# snoooooze
27 easy ways to sleep better tonight
Put the alarm clock away, dim the lights and save the bedroom for certain activities only – here’s some ways to snooze easier this evening.
# aaaaargh
5 snores you REALLY don't want to hear tonight
As demonstrated by animals.
# adulthood
14 things you hated as a kid that you LOVE as an adult
Bedtime for a start.
# Snooze
7 steps to defeating the dreaded snooze button
Put your hands where we can see them and back away from the snooze button…
# Lucid dreaming
Infographic: How to control your dreams
There are ways of training yourself to recognise when you’re dreaming – and control what happens next. Here’s how.
# Morning
7 tricks to waking up earlier
Rise and shine sleepyheads, it’s a new day.
# Lights out
Before you go to bed... check these guys out
Sleep. Delicious sleep.
# Early bird
Early risers may have genetic advantage
Those annoying types who can get up and go early in the morning? It may be down to a genetic variation.