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# Sleep

All time
# Waterford
Gardaí warn people not to drive while tired after motorist falls asleep at wheel
Luckily, they escaped injury.
# i'm wide awake
12 essential facts of life for light sleepers
Sure who needs to sleep? (You do. You really need to sleep.)
# night night
Finding it hard to fall asleep? These apps can help you out
If you’re having trouble getting yourself to sleep, perhaps you need something to ease yourself into it.
# restless legs syndrome
'It’s a hugely ridiculed condition, it feels like insects crawling inside your legs'
This condition can have a huge impact on people’s lives.
# Q-tip
There's a way to set a sleep timer for your music apps
Handy for those who like to doze off to a soundtrack.
# Study
Open thread: Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
The School of Psychology at NUI Galway is starting to research the topic. But have you ever experienced it?
# waking up is hard to do
Things you SHOULDN'T do when you wake up tomorrow
Don’t snooze, put your phone down…
# Light Sleeper
Not sleeping well? It could be your street's fault
“The concern is that we have reduced our exposure to darkness and it could be affecting our sleep.”
# Privacy
You could use Facebook to figure out your friends' sleeping patterns
The creator said the tool was a way to show how we leave digital footprints, even when you don’t realise it.
# janxiety
7 things keeping you all awake this post-Christmas week
In the wee small hours of the morning…
# Fitness
Why getting enough sleep plays a pivotal role in your fitness and health regime
Don’t underestimate the power of those zzzzzzzs.
# Achoo
Not getting enough sleep? You're more likely to catch a cold
Those who sleep less than five hours were 4.5 times more likely to get sick.
# High Places
No gremlins for Ireland, but Fitzgerald vouches for pre-season prep
While Wales, England and France have been at altitude, Ireland preferred to keep it low-key.
# Explained
Here's why you stick one leg out of the covers when you're sleeping
Finally, science is getting to the bottom of the important issues.
# Take a Break
Want to prevent jet lag? Here's the simple way to do it
It might even involve MORE sleep. Lovely.
# deep breaths
Here's what to do tonight if you're doing the Leaving Cert tomorrow
Calm down.
# Early bird
9 ways to trick yourself into becoming an early bird
*hits snooze button*
# pillows of cash
Don't get enough sleep? Try getting rich
It seems wealth has its privileges.
# sleep paralysis
Ever wake up and can't move? Here's what's happening to your body
Terrifying – but here’s what’s going on.
# snooze button
Love your weekend lie-in? It could make you fat
‘Social jetlag’ is also linked to metabolic disorders, inflammation and diabetes.
# littlethings
Why getting enough sleep is vital - and how to get it
All over the festive season, is bringing you little things to help keep your mental health in check.
# One Two Zzzzz
Want a good night's sleep and to feel healthy these holidays? Then don't do this
Backlit e-readers are not a good thing when you’re trying to have a restful night, researchers say.
# my heart
Lad wakes up his roommate mid-slumber and scares the utter bejaysus out of him
His reaction is quite something.
# zzzzz
Stop what you're doing and watch this ferret literally 'falling' asleep
Like, literally falling.
# blue light
Did you stay up on your phone last night? It could be ruining your sleep and vision
Switch off before you nod off.
# Week in Web
Weird Wide Web: Tim Cook out and proud, emoji searches and a sweet Halloween app
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
# sleepy snoozy
You need this wearable futon bed in your life right now
What a time to be alive.
Opinion: Does your child have bed-wetting issues? Positive reinforcement is essential
Disrupted nights can damage children’s self-esteem and exhaust them before a day at school.
# jaded
10 problems only constantly tired people will understand
Oh to be sprightly.
# counting sheep
Sleep deprivation is a pervasive problem for astronauts in space
An astronaut during spaceflight gets just under six hours sleep on shuttle missions.
# type 2
Are you on shift work? It could increase your risk of diabetes
Men are most at risk, a new study suggests.
# placebo
Suffer from lower back pain? Paracetamol might not be effective in relieving symptoms
A study has found the drug to be no more effective than a placebo in treating the condition.
# remember this
Turns out a good night's sleep after learning something new WILL improve memory
Are you paying attention Leaving Certs?
# can't get no sleep
What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?
Are you the Spoon, the Burrito, or the Downward-Facing Sprawl? Find out in here.
# Hypnic Jerk
That thing where you feel like you're falling in your sleep has a name
To once scientist it represents a battle for control…between wakefulness and dreams.
# wide awake
12 problems only hardened night owls will understand
Morning always comes too soon.
# Snooze
5 YouTube videos that will send you right to sleep
Better than counting sheep.
# snore
11 beds that are indefinitely better than yours
Oh, you sleep on that little thing?
# forty winks
Amazing music video catalogues the many, many ways we hog the bed
Are you a spooner, a tiny dancer or a friend request-er? Your questions will be answered.
# can't get no sleep
8 household noises that are conspiring to prevent your good night's sleep
Beep. Beep. BEEEEP.