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Last month
June 2024
Pharma firms maximise profits in Ireland as patients struggle with drug prices
Investigate Europe reveals how big pharma funnels billions of profits through Ireland while high drug prices mean life-threatening delays for Irish patients.
The 15 largest European and US drugmakers publicly disclose over 1,300 subsidiaries in low-tax jurisdictions
These multinationals amassed profits of €580 billion in the last five years
This amount outweighs their research and development (R&D) costs of €572 billion
Dogs used in illegal hunting pose danger to the public, expert warns
A Noteworthy investigation exposes the underground world of dog-on-wildlife fighting and the dangers posed by the pets conditioned to attack.
Dogs bred to fight and kill protected wildlife in Ireland
Badgers, foxes and minks regularly targeted
Pets suffering serious injuries traded for cash on ability to kill
EU countries grant citizenship to tiny proportion of migrants
Just 2% of foreign residents were granted Irish citizenship in 2022, with the process of becoming naturalised being full of obstacles and often taking years.
Cystic fibrosis ‘miracle’ drugs priced higher for poorer EU countries
Investigate Europe reveals how people with cystic fibrosis across the continent have been priced out of access to life-saving medications.
The five things you should know about how European political parties are funded
Major cross-European investigation with Noteworthy and The Journal found political parties relying on State subsidies and unveiled the EU’s largest donors.
May 2024
Fringe, populist and Eurosceptic parties attracting highest proportion of donations across EU
Donations to Sinn Féin in Ireland increased every year between 2019 and 2022.
Hidden Figures: Source of political money disclosed for just 8% of donations over four years
A cross-European investigation with Noteworthy also found unclear laws make Ireland’s donation framework among the least transparent in the EU.
No rules to stop politicians donating money to their party from funds originally given to them by members of the public
Fundraiser costs must be removed from the total donations a party receives
Advocacy body calls for more powers to be granted to Sipo to enforce laws
Checking Privilege: How the European Parliament fails to reflect the diversity of the EU
Investigation by Noteworthy finds disabled people are significantly underrepresented, with little practical support given to improve participation.
Retire to the EU? Young MEPs are few and far between - and that's not likely to change soon
Just three of the 705 current MEPs are under 30, with the European Parliament historically being seen as ‘a retirement place’.
Investigation by Noteworthy and European partners finds the median age of outgoing MEPs is 54 years
Expert blames infrequent elections in Ireland for low amount of young politicians
European Youth Forum: Younger MEPs can boost youth participation in elections
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are young people with psychosis getting the help they need?
Poor investment in psychosis services 'destroying lives', but Ireland can change this
On World Schizophrenia Day, the HSE’s clinic lead in this area says “year-to-year” rather than longer term funding is one of their biggest challenges.
No new funding has been granted for early intervention in psychosis (EIP) services since 2022
Dr Karen O'Connor said it's "critically important" people who experience psychosis get timely access to care, but they "tend to come very late to treatment"
The delay young people experience when trying to access services is "destroying our kids' lives", one mother told us
Calls for Seanad debate following Noteworthy cockfighting revelations
Investigation: Cruel cockfighting sees an underground resurgence in Ireland
Illegal matches and the breeding of birds solely for the banned bloodsport is happening up and down the country, an investigation by Noteworthy has found.
Disturbing footage shows organised chicken fights
Brutal bouts being organised in private social media groups
Irish Defence Forces member and foreign government worker linked
Summer plans? Read this before you go exploring in Ireland
Language school quality chief linked to collapsed college which left students in limbo
International House Galway went into liquidation while the head of new quality standards for the industry remained the majority shareholder.
The closure last year left students out of pocket with some receiving a partial refund
Mary Grennan began her new position in October 2021 and resigned as a director of the company in January 2022
Her track record would likely rule her out of running a certified language school
April 2024
500% increase in migrant children arriving alone in Ireland claiming asylum
New investigation finds that more than 51,000 minors have disappeared after arriving in Europe between 2021 and 2023.
Psychosis team in Cork sees significant decrease in number of people using drugs and alcohol
It’s hoped that the RISE model can be replicated by other psychosis teams around the country.
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why are our peatlands still being exploited?
Over 100 Irish women travelling to Romania for endometriosis surgery every year
After 13 surgeries Sinead Murphy has given up on endometriosis care in Ireland. She's not alone.
“When I was seventeen a gynaecologist recommended that I get pregnant, because it would help.”
Some women with endometriosis have lost trust in the Irish health system
This investigation by The Journal and Noteworthy shows how these women often feel they have no choice but to travel abroad for treatment
Wasted Wetlands: Pumping of bogs by Bord na Móna 'hampering rehabilitation'
Environmentalists say the semi-state’s pumping practices in Co Longford are harming the habitats of birds of conservation concern.
The bogs are home to a number of protected species, including Whooper Swans, lapwings and curlews
Planning permission for a 27-turbine wind farm was quashed on appeal in 2021
Local group: “The extent of pumping is simply not required”
Some of Ireland's cleanest rivers and streams at risk from Coillte forestry
Environmental activists are concerned the State company’s cutting and replanting activity on peat is a ‘perfect storm for water quality impacts’.
'Demons were following me': Call to make HHC illegal after users experience psychotic episodes
HHC, a semisynthetic cannabinoid derived from CBD, is widely available in Ireland.
There are growing concerns that HHC is triggering psychotic episodes in certain people
HHC vapes are widely available online, and in vape and CBD shops
"I was seeing and hearing things that weren't there. I was being followed around by demons," one man told us
March 2024
Female junior doctors repeatedly penalised by medical training system
Women make up more than half the trainee doctor workforce but criticise lack of support for pregnancy and family life.
Investigation by Noteworthy finds women delaying or leaving specialist training
Some doctors are not entitled to maternity pay when doing training-related research
Irish Medical Organisation: “Without support, women will drop out of medicine”
Ireland failing to protect unaccompanied migrant children, EU report states
It could take over 60 years to set up enough early intervention psychosis teams, TD warns
Ancient tomb site targeted by vandals 'not being protected' by government
Over 100 women murdered in Ireland since 2012 - and a gap in data on gendered violence
New cross-European investigation with Noteworthy finds Ireland’s response to violence against women hindered by insufficient records.
Female rape victims in Ireland almost treble that of EU counterparts
Investigation by Noteworthy and European colleagues shows Ireland ranking among highest number of reported rapes in 2022.
Sexual assault victims increase almost year on year since 2012
Between 2021 and 2023 over 68,000 rape victims recorded across Europe
Advocates say Ireland has ‘large-scale problem’ in tackling female violence
February 2024
'My son is not there anymore': How young people with psychosis are falling through the cracks
The earlier a person’s symptoms are treated, the better the outcome – but many people with psychosis or schizophrenia struggle to get access to care.
Karin Kenny believes her son Kielan's life would be very different if he had received early intervention for psychosis
He was previously in school but now needs full-time care and experiences weeks-long psychotic episodes
A new series by The Journal and Noteworthy will explore access to services for young people who experience psychosis
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why is our history falling into the sea?
Vandalising of monuments 'as much a concern' as climate change impact
Heritage experts warn of the effect of mindless damage as Noteworthy reveals historical sites across Ireland attacked at least 140 times in past three years.
Coastal erosion will wipe out many ancient seaside sites and monuments
Escalating storms and extreme weather caused by climate change will increase coastal erosion with many Irish landmarks unable to be saved, experts say.
A number of monuments and historical buildings already falling into the sea
Nationwide climate hazard map of threatened sites set to be launched
Government: Managed loss of history ‘must be addressed’
Ireland's voter turnout in every election is well below average compared to rest of EU
Promised interpretation standards for asylum applications not being introduced by deadline
Poor interpretation undermines asylum seekers’ credibility and delays their cases, say lawyers.
Asylum-seeker support workers expected to act as interpreters without specialist training
Experts concerned that ‘cultural mediators’ being asked to provide “interpretation services” beyond their required skill set.
Cultural mediators were introduced to speed up the asylum application process
Advocates say the lack of clarity around role risks harming asylum seekers
UN body who trains them says mediators "not legally accountable" for applications
'An utter waste': Controversial transport training centre given extra €1.5 million public money
The NTA ended up paying €3.5 million of the €7.8 million cost to develop a centre to train disabled people. The initial NTA grant was for up to €2 million.
January 2024
Unethical but legal: All the things MEPs can get away with
What is legal is not always ethical.
Integrity investigation finds 25% of Europe’s MEPs were involved in a scandal
In December 2022, police found €900,000 in alleged bribe cash stuffed in bags at the EU Parliament’s Vice President Eva Kaili’s home. How could corruption of such scale happen at the heart of the EU? Was this just one isolated incident or the tip of the iceberg?
Data collected by The Journal, Noteworthy and other European media partners reveals 3% of MEPs have been convicted by a court.
The months-long investigation unearthed 253 previously reported blemishes.
The most serious cases related to 45 corruption incidents and 44 events relating to fraud and theft.
Asylum seekers endure sub-zero temperatures on Dublin streets without tents or sleeping bags