Last year
‘God power’: Concern over State examining parental fitness as part of IVF scheme
Hundreds of acres of vital urban nature lost to astroturf in Dublin
Noteworthy analysis of planning files and satellite images shows new pitches replacing green urban spaces and growing in size
Feeding areas for vulnerable Brent geese in north Dublin replaced
EPA warns of spread of microplastics from pitches into environment
National Museum rolls back commitments on strategy for colonial objects
Number of computers sent to Rehab Recycle resold instead of destroyed
Journal Media wins five Justice Media Awards for excellence in legal journalism
Missing Mails: Wiping of ministers’ texts and emails to be addressed with new policies
Lack of transparency harming Ireland’s vital election observer role
Ireland an outlier in decision to halt election observer role during Covid
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Is GSOC fit for purpose?
Garda watchdog handing half of its cases back to gardaí to investigate
Targets missed in at least 70% of GSOC complaints investigated by gardaí
Noteworthy wins prestigious award for investigation on exploitation of migrant fishers
Louder than words: Investigations inspiring political action
Govt transfers €150m in Brexit funding to post-Covid fund, to be spent in part on retrofitting
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why is it so tough to access autism services?
‘Shouting into a black hole’: Chronic delays to autism services failing children
The Explainer x Noteworthy: What is the environmental cost of hydropower?
ESB ‘being given free pass’ to divert water without ecological assessments
'Death by a thousand cuts': Hydropower killing, injuring and trapping fish by the tonne
‘It’s endemic’: Prevalence of racism in Irish workplaces at record levels
‘I felt so disrespected’: People share their experiences of racism by employers and colleagues
Expert: ‘Often, what we see in the workplace is microaggressions, reprimanding people unfairly’
‘Plans are on course’ to launch the National Action Plan Against Racism this month
Ireland fares worst at managing protected nature sites in new EU report
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Is the State ignoring island depopulation?
‘Always a battle’: Clare Island locals fight to improve ‘dangerous’ pier
‘On its knees’: Future of island fishers on a knife edge
Housing constraints ‘causing serious risk’ for islanders trying to sustain populations
‘Fragmented and unpredictable’: Healthcare services failing island communities
High and dry: Offshore islands a footnote in State priorities
The Explainer x Noteworthy: How is the Irish public health system coping?
Cash for reforms: €700 billion EU recovery fund sparks concern and criticism
Non-Irish workers face a 'significant' wage gap, ESRI report finds
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are Irish pensions invested in fossil fuels?
Environment gets under 10% funding of rural LEADER grants despite being a key theme
Lack of term limits and few women: Governance issues in local development companies
Slow rollout of eating disorder services 'destroying lives'
Strength of gay community response to monkeypox was ‘key’ in controlling outbreak
Public health reform taking off - but success depends on State tackling inequality
Government commitment to reduce hospital parking charges ‘not prioritised’
Despite repeated promises, little progress has been made to prevent the cost of hospital parking falling on the most vulnerable.
A HSE implementation plan to reduce parking charges was written in 2019 but 'has been superseded by the passage of time'
It would cost at least €4.75 million to cap daily charges at €10
Advocate: 'It would be an easy win for the government'
Unpublished pensions report shows roll back on Climate Action Plan measure
Noteworthy reveals contents of unpublished government report on a proposal for tighter scrutiny on pension fund investment in fossil fuels
Before a working group had met to examine this proposed measure, it was deemed 'not prudent'
Several matters recommended by the report have not come to fruition but the measure is marked as complete
All time
The Explainer x Noteworthy: What happens to your soft plastic recycling?
Soft plastic is being collected but almost all burned in Irish kilns or recycled abroad