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Opinion: Helping Ukrainians flee war along with their pets is the right thing to do
This week
18th February 2024 - 23rd February 2024
FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden and son Hunter says 'Russian intel were involved'
Tom Clonan: An emboldened Putin and a possible Trump return pose real dangers for Europe
Tracking the atrocities: Meet the Irish expert helping Ukraine catalogue war crimes
Aonghus Kelly spoke to The Journal this week about his work and what it has been like to be based inside Ukraine as the war raged around him.
Last week
11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
Ukraine withdrawing from eastern city of Avdiivka after four-month Russian assault
Zelenskyy signs security deal with France after earlier securing 'historic' German pact
Ukraine destroys Russian warship amid 'extremely difficult' conditions on front line
Biden hits out at Trump's 'dangerous' remarks questioning US commitment to defend Nato allies
Irish public support Ukraine joining the EU, but don't want to see membership fast-tracked
Polling also found a fifth of the public believe the EU’s response to the war in Ukraine to be “very bad”.
The Journal/Ireland Thinks poll found 72% of Irish citizens support Ukraine joining the EU.
The same poll found that 39% of Ireland are not in favour of Ukraine getting its application to join fast tracked.
This comes as accession talks began in December and additional war-time relief funding was just approved.
Ukraine downs Russian drones as attacks launched for five hours overnight
This month
February 2024
Tucker Carlson labelled 'useful idiot' after 'softball' interview with Putin
Ukraine's top military commander has been sacked after ‘frank discussion’ with Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Cork's Sherkin Island welcomes first Ukrainian baby, over a year after arrival of refugees
Islanders have hailed 13-day-old Olivia as the world’s first ‘Sherkrainian’ baby.
ICJ says it has jurisdiction to rule on part of Ukraine's genocide case against Russia
Last month
January 2024
UN's top court rejects most of Ukraine’s 'terrorism financing' case against Russia
Ukraine says Russia attacked with 20 drones, missiles overnight
Ukraine gains in doubt without American aid, warns US Secretary of State following Nato meeting
Russia and Ukraine trade plane crash blame at UN Security Council
Up to €10m extra 'social inclusion' funding signed off on for areas taking in asylum seekers
Russian court sentences woman to 27 years over bomb that killed pro-war blogger
Russia says there are no survivors after plane carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war crashes
Kyiv confirmed a prisoner exchange was due to take place today, but said it had no reliable information on the passengers of the downed plane.
Ukrainian teen 'deeply sorry' for shaking Russian player's hand
Kittens & Current Affairs: 'Try not to look away from a world in flames, no matter how tempting'
Ten districts with the highest proportion of refugees to get special support package, says Taoiseach
EU chief says Ukraine needs 'predictable financing' as questions swirl over future support
'Bring your kids out': Protests as asylum seeker families with children arrive at Roscrea hotel
Protests against asylum seekers being housed at the Tipperary hotel began last week.
Swiss accept Zelenskyy's request to stage Ukraine peace summit
Ireland men start hockey qualification campaign with resounding win
13 people, including journalists, injured as two Russian missiles hit hotel in Ukraine
Zelensky seeks air defence help from Baltic nations amid Russian drone and missile strikes
Cabinet told 500 refugees arriving from Ukraine per week, as social welfare rates set to reduce
Four killed in wave of Russian missile attacks across Ukraine
Russian strike kills 11 people in eastern Ukrainian town as cross-border exchanges escalate
Ukraine says it cannot confirm if Russia used North Korean missiles after US claims
Ukraine hits Russian border regions with airstrikes in latest retaliatory attacks
One killed and dozens injured in missile attacks on Ukraine
Putin says Russia will 'intensify' attacks on Ukraine following strike on Russian city
Last year
Ukraine says it downed 21 of 49 drones after Russia launched fresh strikes
Six guided missiles had also targeted the northeastern city of Kharkiv, Kyiv said in a statement.
The fresh Russian strikes came a day after the deadliest attack on civilians in Russia since the start of the conflict in February 2022.
Both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy are due to give New Year's Eve speeches today.
Tom Clonan: A defeated Ukraine would be a military and political disaster for the EU and NATO
Dozens killed in separate strikes across Ukraine and Russian city of Belgorod