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‘Heads must roll’: Industry and experts argue energy crisis of ‘our own making’
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are data centres ramping up Ireland’s emissions?
Drilling for Data: Growing energy needs fuelling rise in data centre emissions
EPA is processing 12 emissions licence applications for use of back-up generators or onsite gas plants
Expert: Growth of data centres ‘wasn't something that happened organically’
Intensive farming set to ramp up if planned pig and poultry farms approved
Staff shortages leave energy regulator scrambling to keep the lights on
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are migrant fishers exploited in Ireland?
Journal Media wins two UCD media awards for excellence in business journalism
Underpaid and overworked: The serious allegations by migrant fishers to the WRC
Fishers took cases against vessel owners, with some awarded thousands in compensation
Findings include 72-hour working weeks, forging of mandatory employment records and unfair dismissal
'We had to eat leftover meat and fish': Modern slavery in the Irish fishing industry
Inspection reports reveal potential trafficking and deficiencies relating to hours of work and rest
Researcher: "The problems in Ireland can be traced to very specific policies and laws here"
Navy boardings find 10 fishing vessels almost fully crewed by migrant fishers
Irish justice system 'failing' migrant fishing workers who report exploitation
US report states Ireland has systemic deficiencies in victim identification, referral and assistance
Alleged trafficking victim: "It hurt. I felt the punch land. I told him if he did that again I’d report him."
The Explainer x Noteworthy: What are the problems with lobbying in Ireland?
Opinion: 'Access to justice should be promoted - not restricted and threatened'
Construction industry lobbying to change law and reduce planning challenges
Revolving Door: Revealing the relationship between government officials and lobbyists
Extent of lobbying by former senior public officials in Ireland revealed for the first time
At least 86 individuals who held senior positions in government have lobbied at least once since 2015
Expert: "The current one year cooling-off period is, in our view, inadequate"
Former Government officials' details missing from hundreds of lobbying returns
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why are Travellers so overrepresented in prison?
Councils refusing homeless accommodation to Travellers using criteria 'with no basis in law'
Blind Justice: How prison is leaving Travellers isolated and traumatised
Policing Authority 'not satisfied' with Garda Commissioner's comments on Traveller profiling
Commission warns Ireland over ‘stalled’ action to halt extraction in protected peatlands
Innovation funding allows Noteworthy to challenge the way complex stories are told
The Explainer x Noteworthy: How much weedkiller are councils using?
'It was sprayed in the playground': Widespread use of chemical weedkillers by councils
Inspections found issues in how nine out of 10 vendors handled deadly pesticides
Thousands of litres of pesticides used on Irish roads and forests each year
Wheelchair user facing homelessness condemns lack of Government support
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Why are Irish unweaned calves being exported?
‘Empty bellies’: Unweaned calves left without milk for long periods on journey to Europe
‘A slow, terrible death’: The fate of Irish cattle exported outside of the EU
'Export loophole’: Irish cattle shipped from Spain on ‘substandard’ vessels
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are religious property proceeds going to redress?
Religious orders involved in redress sold properties totalling €90 million since 2016
Concerns over data submitted by Wexford power plant to EPA
How Noteworthy is tackling inequity by giving a platform to unheard voices
Explainer: How 'deeply controversial' planning law changes could lead to 'years of litigation'
A proposed Bill with last-minute amendments impacting judicial reviews is being voted on tonight
These could cause 'serious legal issues', with one 'incompatible' with EU law, a solicitor told Noteworthy
Changes criticised by politicians and environmental NGOs but welcomed by construction industry
No Access: Bord na Móna companies blanket blocking release of information
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Is Ireland a dumping ground for poultry manure?
Deaths of at least 80 cows in last decade linked to spreading of poultry manure
16 farms inspected in last decade over concerns with poor spreading of poultry litter, Noteworthy reveals
In the most impactful case, 19 dairy cows died across two farms from botulism linked to litter spreading
Difficult for authorities to identify farms of origin of the litter for inspection or further action
'Canary in the coal mine': Protected nature areas under pressure from poultry farming