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'I can't allow Ireland to be blamed here': Coveney says some UK politicians need reminder of Irish history
Ivor Bell deemed 'unfit' to stand trial in relation to Jean McConville disappearance
'When the border was finally ripped down - hope rose and healing began. We must not go back'
Inquest opens into the deaths of 10 people shot by British soldiers in August 1971
Alleged IRA bomber told gardaí he believed 'DUP and not the DPP' decided to charge him over 1972 bombing
'Is this the best use of £150m?': Ex-NI Secretaries of State say Troubles investigations should stop
The Disappeared: Search teams 'convinced' remains of Columba McVeigh are in Monaghan bog
'Those scars will never go away': Special ceremony to mark 20th anniversary of Omagh bombing
Families hold interfaith service to mark 20-year anniversary of Omagh bombing
'Willie Frazer have you found your daddy yet?' - Condemnation of bonfire taunting Troubles victim
Tánaiste says report that Aidan McAnespie's body part was 'disposed of' must be 'extremely difficult' for the family
'People were killed over their connection with the GAA and that was the most tragic thing of all'
Family of man shot dead by British Army won't be given report on the killing as it's still too sensitive
Loyalist 'supergrass' jailed for six-and-a-half years for five murders
Family of prison officer shot dead by IRA says gardaí didn't act on 'significant information'
1.7 million viewers tuned into Channel 4's new sitcom set during the Troubles last night
A new sitcom set during the Troubles began last night, and Irish people LOVED it
'Politicians can't agree about 10 people - so another 490 injured through no fault of their own get nothing'
Families of victims of deadliest Belfast bombing of The Troubles say PSNI has 'questions to answer'
Remembering the time Carrie in Sex and the City compared a fight with her friends to the 'war in Northern Ireland'
'Nobody had time to sit and ask: Why are these killings taking place? Why are they cutting people up?'
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'Behind the masks': New digital archive documents Northern Ireland's history
Patrick O'Donovan: 'I don't differentiate between atrocities'
'He's a coward, as simple as that' - Sister of victim rejects apology from IRA bomb maker
IRA bomb-maker apologises for his part in Birmingham bombings
Jeremy Corbyn says IRA bombing campaign was 'completely wrong'
Tributes paid on the death of 'secret peacemaker' Brendan Duddy
Remains found in France confirmed to be Seamus Ruddy
Former British soldiers rally against prosecution of retired officers for Troubles-related killings
'He goes to his grave having shown no remorse': Criticisms in Stormont on McGuinness's legacy
Tom Clonan: Truth of what happened in Troubles can't be allowed die with major figures like McGuinness
British MP says he was 'kind of a torturer' during the Troubles
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