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Ivor Bell will go on trial over alleged involvement in Jean McConville kidnap and murder
20 years on: Family, friends and colleagues gather to remember Jerry McCabe
The truth about the ‘Birmingham Six’ IRA pub bombings could soon be heard
Case dropped against man accused of Omagh bombing
Gerry Adams condemns death threat made to Fine Gael TD
Today is a big day for the truth about the 'Birmingham Six' IRA pub bombings
'I've never tried to pull the wool over people’s eyes about my history'
New appeal over killings linked to secretive British Military Reaction Force
Mary Lou's Sinn Féin leadership bid has one very important supporter
"No grave to tend, no place to grieve": The four remaining 'Disappeared'
Paramilitary gun attacks on children 'must end'
WATCH: A treasure trove of old Irish newsreels has gone online for the first time
"No decision" on whether Gerry Adams will be prosecuted over the killing of Jean McConville
The British had a plan to move EVERYONE from Hong Kong to Northern Ireland
'I'm not trying to un-Sinn Féin myself': New Lord Mayor reacts to criticism
Families of suspected bodies in Meath hope for "an end to the torment"
Gardaí have finally started handing over their files on massacre of Protestants
Miss last night's exposé on Collusion? Here are 10 things we learned
Those involved in the Troubles should not be part of investigating unresolved deaths
Gun on display in Troubles exhibition linked to Northern Ireland terror attack
Police allowed informers to murder hundreds "with impunity"
Gerry: Prince Charles and I don't have much in common, but we're both tree huggers
On this day 41 years ago, bombs ripped through Dublin and Monaghan
'No special honours' for soldiers, prison staff, gardaí who served during The Troubles
A major investigation has been launched into the murders of 'IRA informers'
Police investigating 'six key IRA suspects' who received on-the-run letters
Family: Gerry Adams told us our brother's killers would not be brought to police
On this day 24 years ago, the Birmingham Six were released
Team to start digging for remains of 'Disappeared' Joe Lynskey
Shot dead in 1974 but still no justice
The Troubles caused mental health issues for more than 100,000 people
"Surely after 30 years, if we can forgive the deed, the remains could be given back to us"
Torture, abuse and a suspect's death: An RUC holding centre used during the Troubles
British spies had "excellent relations" with gardaí
Thirty years ago, a Fine Gael government was worried that Sinn Féin 'could deliver'
Water cannons could be "more lethal than plastic bullets". That's what the UK told Ireland...
Thousands of Northern refugees streamed over the border in the 1970s - some were called "ungrateful"
New evidence proves the UK tortured interned men during The Troubles, says Ireland
Hooded, food and sleep deprived: Calls for Ireland to push for torture case against UK
"Life, a long long time ago" - Documentary follows Guildford Four's Paddy Armstrong to London