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UK Government set to bring forward Troubles legacy proposals
Tweaked Troubles amnesty plan met with opposition
Journalists Vincent Browne and Henry Kelly urged to help Belfast Troubles inquest
Judge quashes decision not to proceed with Soldier F Bloody Sunday prosecution
'It’s probably similar to what’s happening in Ukraine' - growing up in the North during conflict
RUC 'deliberately destroyed' files on Sean Graham bookmakers massacre
'A terrible atrocity': Thousands attend Bloody Sunday memorial to remember victims
Michael D Higgins, Micheál Martin and Jeremy Corbyn to feature in Bloody Sunday commemorations
Decommissioning demands during first IRA ceasefire ‘were pointless’
John Hume 'literally cried on Martin McGuinness's shoulder' amid health concerns in 1994
UK Supreme Court rules PSNI decision not to investigate Hooded Men case was unlawful
Patrick Kielty: The past left trauma on all sides, but the future of this whole island looks bright
'I don't think I've quite forgiven them for what they stole from me'
Experts say UK government's plans for 'official' Troubles history would be 'almost impossible'
Trial of former British soldier for Troubles killing is adjourned after he's taken to hospital
British Army veteran challenges admissibility of document in Troubles trial
Operation Kenova interim report into Troubles era murders to be published
Former British soldier to stand trial over Troubles-era killing of Aidan McAnespie
Stormont politicians reject UK government plans for Troubles 'amnesty'
Tony Blair's 1997 Famine message was ghost-written by aides as he couldn't be contacted
NI political leaders hold ‘robust’ talks, co-chaired by Coveney, on Troubles legacy plans
Anger over UK government’s plan to ban Troubles prosecutions continues to grow
Johnson's claim that halting prosecutions will 'draw a line under the Troubles' provokes outcry
Coveney says Irish politicians have 'different view' to UK on ending Troubles prosecutions
What caused landmark legacy prosecutions against former British soldiers to collapse?
UK Supreme Court examines suitability of PSNI to investigate 'Hooded Men' treatment and killing of Jean Smyth
A bullet in the post and being harassed on the way to training - Gaels living with the Troubles
Theresa May warns that laws stopping soldiers being pursued over NI violence 'will cover terrorists as well'
Ballymurphy inquests: Use of lethal force by British Army in 1971 shootings 'not justified', coroner rules
The events of 9-11 August 1971 in Belfast have become known as the Ballymurphy Massacre
Coroner Mrs Justice Siobhan Keegan has said all 10 victims were "entirely innocent"
The coroner raised concerns about “serious failings” in military testimony provided
Minister Simon Coveney described the ruling as "historic" and said all bereaved families must have access to "an effective investigation"
Taoiseach warns against 'spiral back' to sectarian conflict on anniversary of Good Friday Agreement
Brian Rowan: Once again, the politics of Northern Ireland is in a mess and violence has won out
'Nothing ever changes the past': Reopening of bereaved payments scheme welcomed
Future of long-running Troubles archive secured with new funding
Ian Paisley Jr criticised for linking IRA activities to Catholicism
Thousands of bereaved demand full investigation into Northern Ireland conflict
IRA did not want Sinn Fein to get involved with backchannel peace talks with the British
British government will not order public inquiry into 1989 murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane
Taoiseach will 'make clear' to Boris Johnson the need for public inquiry into Pat Finucane murder
Northern parties (minus DUP and UUP) join forces to call for public inquiry into murder of Pat Finucane
Families of Bloody Sunday victims 'deeply disappointed' as decision not to prosecute 15 British soldiers is upheld