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# The Lancet

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# Tick tock
Largest study to date finds link between disruption to body clock and severe depression
The research found disruption to the body’s natural time-keeping was associated with loneliness and lower health satisfaction.
# The Lancet
Breakthrough could lead to treatment that would delay progression of advanced MS
MS affects around 9,000 people in Ireland.
# premature deaths
Heavy drinkers have higher risk of getting dementia
In a new study, the majority of early-onset dementia diagnoses were related to chronic heavy drinking.
# Lancet
Single dads at higher risk of premature death than single mothers or couples - study
Single fathers ate fewer fruit and vegetables, and were more likely to binge drink than single mothers and partnered parents, the study found.
# worrying
Non-emergency surgical death rates in Africa are double the global average
Elective surgeries in African countries have a death rate double that of the global average, a new study reveals.
# day after tomorrow
There's been a rise in weather-related disasters of almost 50% and it's being blamed on climate change
Between 2007 and 2016, there was a 46% increases in the number of weather-related disasters.
# The Lancet
Pollution linked to nine million deaths around the world in 2015 (and close to 1,800 of those were in Ireland)
A major study in The Lancet looked at the effect pollution has on countries around the world.
# The Lancet
Study indicates diabetes drug could help slow progression of Parkinson's
Parkinson’s is the second largest neurological condition in Ireland.
# medical history
Double hand transplant success: 'The boy wanted to climb monkey bars and grip a baseball bat'
“The boy wanted to be able to climb monkey bars and grip a baseball.”
# Science
EPO will not help amateur cyclists perform better in road races
New research took 48 male cyclists and put them through an endurance race up the famous Mont Ventoux.
# Alcohol Abuse
Ireland has the worst rates in the world for drinking during pregnancy
A new study analysed the rates of drinking during pregnancy by linking them with a condition caused by alcohol consumption.
# Get Active
Just one hour physical activity a day could undo damage from 8 hours sitting around
A new study shows that one hour of physical activity reduces any increased risk of death from not doing anything.
# risk factors
Strokes are largely preventable with 10 risk factors responsible for 90% of them
The two major types of stroke include ischaemic stroke caused by blood clots, which accounts for 85% of strokes, and haemorrhagic stroke or bleeding into the brain, which accounts for 15% of strokes.
# factcheck
FactCheck: Is Ireland really one of the world's most obese countries?’s FactCheck puts some alarming recent headlines to the test.
# 442 million
The number of people living with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980
One in 11 people now have the condition, with obesity playing a large part in the rise of type-2 diagnoses.
# Commute
People who use public transport have lower fat percentage than those who drive to work
Commuters who only used public transport also had lower BMI compared to car-users.
# stress levels
Myth busted: Unhappy people DON'T die younger
A new study examines the commonly-held view that happy people live longer.
# Maternal Health
Weight gain between pregnancies linked to increased risk of stillbirth and infant death
Babies of mothers who gain more than 11kg between pregnancies have about a 50% greater risk of their baby dying in the first four weeks of life.
# bridges and cliffs
Blocking suicide hotspots can reduce the number of deaths at sites by more than 90%
The new research found that interventions can buy time to allow an individual to reconsider their actions.
# bad behaviour
Salt, unsafe sex and booze: These are some of the things causing death that could be prevented
Deaths tied to avoidable health risks like high blood pressure and smoking has shot up by almost 23% since 1990.
# no morphine
Forget the drugs, listening to music during surgery can reduce your pain
Even while you’re under anaesthetic.
# Treatment
These two affordable drugs can lower breast cancer deaths
Studies found the drugs can help to reduce breast cancer mortality in postmenopausal women.
# ailments
How are you feeling? 95% of us have health problems
The main causes of health loss have hardly changed in the past 23 years.
# Mortality
Simple questionnaire can predict a person's risk of dying in next five years
Factors like a person’s usual walking speed are used to calculate their score.
# death do us part
In the battle to live longer, men are catching up with women
In 15 years, some parts of the UK there could be no difference.
# Obesity
Telling a fat person to diet is 'like asking a person who's bleeding to avoid sharp objects'
Experts have said obesity can not be cured with dieting and exercise alone.
# Trials
Contentious flu drug DOES work, latest trials show
It reduces the length of symptoms, new research shows.
# Health Reform
Our ageing population 'risks a poor quality of life' unless action is taken now
A major new study has warned that urgent reform is needed.
# Epidemic
More than 90,000 Ebola deaths expected in Liberia by Christmas
The number of Ebola treatment centre beds and other measures needed to control the epidemic substantially exceeds the total pledged.
# Exposure
Without exit screenings, 3 people with Ebola would fly out of West Africa every month
New research has also found that screening people leaving West Africa is far more efficient than screening those arriving at other countries.
# Stop the Spread
'Worst Ebola epidemic in history': Medical experts say new treatments need to be fast-tracked
Health professionals say randomised controlled trials are unethical and impractical.
# Treatment
Routine mental health screening in schools could help 1 in 10 children with issues
10-20% of children and young people would benefit from some sort of mental health intervention.
# Infectious Diseases
Most countries could miss their Milliennium Goals for decreasing child mortality rates
‘Not enough progress has been made,’ researchers say.
# prototype
Tests on "artificial pancreas" described as the "next revolution" in diabetes care
Closed-loop insulin delivery systems are the future it seems.
# Drug use
Teen cannabis-users 'more likely to attempt suicide' later in life
A study published today also found they are less likely to finish secondary school or get a degree.
# time bomb
Urbanisation and increasing affluence are causing dire health consequences for China
The number of people living with dementia has more than doubled from about 3.68 million in 1990 to 9.2 million in 2010.
# Quality of Life
People with cancer need dedicated treatment to tackle depression
Major depression is much more common among cancer sufferers – but trial shows a possible way forward.
# ZMapp
Experimental Ebola drugs shouldn't just be given to well-off patients, say experts
Two US patients and a number of other doctors have been treated with experimental drug, Zmapp, which has never been used on humans before.
# Men's Health
'PSA' prostate cancer screening reduces deaths by a fifth
The authors of the study said it is not the time to introduce population-based screening.
# Health
"Every minute counts." - Study shows why treating strokes immediately is vital
Outcomes are positive in 76% more cases if strokes are treated within three hours.