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This year
First of its kind AI-supported mammography screening trial detects 20% more cancers
The report’s lead author said the results were ‘promising’ and could inform ways to ‘address the pronounced radiologist shortage in many countries’.
Net-zero climate policies will save lives by improving health, study finds
Research found retrofitting homes with insulation can be a major contributor to better health.
Last year
Global Covid death toll ‘may be more than three times higher than recorded’
Researchers estimate more than 18.2 million people may have died because of the pandemic by the end of December last year.
Depression a 'neglected global health crisis' despite impacting one in 20 people each year - study
The study, commissioned by The Lancet, found that depression remains poorly recognised and misunderstood despite being a common condition.
Experts warn of increasing over-medicalisation of death, call for rethink on end-of-life care
A new Lancet Commission has called for public attitudes to death and dying to be rebalanced.
All time
Trials of new obesity drug found it can result in weight loss of two stone in six months
The trials took place in ten countries, including Ireland, and involved 706 participants.
Cervarix HPV vaccine can cut cervical cancer rates by almost 90%, new study says
The study’s authors said they hope the result encourage more people to get the jab
Larger risk of hospitalisation in people with Delta variant - study
Nearly three-quarters of coronavirus cases in the study were in people who were unvaccinated.
Experts criticise ‘unethical' plan to lift Covid rules in England at 'most dangerous period of the pandemic'
A range of coronavirus restrictions are due to be eased in England, possibly as soon as 19 July.
Wuhan study finds 40% of people with Covid were protected against future infection for at least nine months
The study in The Lancet said that mass vaccination programmes will be needed to reach herd immunity.
Covid-19 reinfections are rare, but more common in people 65 and older, study finds
Researchers found that initial infection with Covid-19 was likely to bestow 80% protection from reinfection among under-65s.
Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is 91.6% effective against symptomatic Covid-19 - study
The preliminary findings show that the two-dose Sputnik V “has shown high efficacy” and was well tolerated for adults.
Climate change means future pandemics are more likely
A deadly mix of extreme heat, air pollution and intense farming are combining to produce the “worst outlook for public health our generation has seen”, according to a new study.
China's Covid-19 vaccine candidate is safe and prompts antibody response - early results from study
This vaccine includes the killed virus mixed with aluminium hydroxide, which is known to boost immune responses.
First Covid-19 reinfection in US confirmed by researchers
A 25-year-old man with no known immune disorders or underlying conditions was infected with Covid-19 on two separate occasions.
Russian Covid-19 vaccine shows 'no serious adverse affects' in preliminary study
Russia surprised the world when it announced the development of a vaccine last month.
Very low risk of students and teachers transmitting Covid-19 at school, Australian study suggests
When epidemic control measures are in place, the risk of transmission between children is minimal, Sydney researchers found.
Mothers 'unlikely' to pass Covid-19 on to newborn babies via breastfeeding if precautions are taken
The findings were part of a preliminary study published in The Lancet.
3,500 potentially avoidable cancer deaths could happen in England due to pandemic delays
Thousands of extra people could die in the next five years due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers have found.
Coronavirus: Vaccine found to be 'safe and induces an immune reaction' in early stages of UK trial
Researchers at Oxford University described the results as encouraging but said “there is still much work to be done”.
Physical distancing may have long-term impact on teenagers' relationships
“Even if physical distancing measures are temporary, several months represents a large proportion of a young person’s life,” one author of a scientific opinion piece said.
'Much lower risk' of Covid-19 spreading beyond one metre - study
A new study by The Lancet has analysed various measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Medical journal refutes Trump claim it published reports about earlier spread of Covid-19 in China
The Lancet described the allegations made by Trump in a letter to the WHO as “serious and damaging”.
Major study of Covid-19 cases in China finds lower death rate than previous estimates
A study of over 70,000 cases of Covid-19 in China has determined a death rate from the virus of 1.38%.
Single dose of psychoactive component in cannabis could induce depressive and anxiety symptoms, study finds
Writing in the Lancet Psychiatry, however, the lead author says the results shouldn’t be taken as meaning single doses of THC will lead to severe disorders.
Sepsis linked to 11m deaths worldwide - double what was previously thought
Sepsis occurs when a person’s organs cease to function properly as the result of an out-of-control immune response to infection.
People in richer countries more likely to die from cancer, says new study
In poorer countries, heart disease remains a leading cause of death.
Menopausal hormone therapies linked to increase in breast cancer risk - study
The new study is the first to show that the risk of breast cancer remains elevated 10 years after treatment has stopped.
First-ever chlamydia vaccine trial offers hope of treating infection 'epidemic'
An early stage clinical trial proved successful but a vaccine will not be on the market anytime soon.
Resistant strains of malaria spreading across south-east Asia
In some parts of south-east Asia, up to 80% of malaria parasites are drug-resistant.
Arm function restored to paralysed patients as part of groundbreaking Australian study
Two years after the procedure, most participants were able to feed themselves, use tools and handle electronic devices.
Increase in colon cancer among younger adults in several countries including Ireland
Authors of a new study said the rise is likely driven by obesity and poor diet.
Over 80% of Irish adults drink alcohol, and the rate is set to increase
A new study warns that worldwide alcohol consumption is on the increase.
'End of HIV pandemic' in sight after medicine makes virus 'untransmittable' between sexual partners
The virus remains one of the world’s biggest health problems.
New study makes strong link between use of potent cannabis and psychosis
A new study published in The Lancet has found how cannabis use affects the incidence of psychosis.
Red meat and sugar consumption must halve by 2050 to save planet, scientists warn
The EAT-Lancet Commission warned that major changes are needed over the next three decades.
'Migrants are vital to the wellbeing of society': Study finds common myths about immigrants are false
The two-year research was published in the medical journal The Lancet.
About one in three stillbirths occur before 28 weeks but are not officially recognised
“To a mother or father, a second trimester stillbirth is no less tragic than a stillbirth at 28 weeks.”
Drinking full-fat milk can 'lower the risk of heart disease'
Good news for whole-fat milk enthusiasts – a new study suggests consuming same can lower your chances of death by heart disease.
Poll: Do you worry about how much alcohol you consume?
Alcohol is linked to around 2.8 million deaths a year across the world.