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There's a new ladybird in town and it's eating the other ladybirds' eggs
Seven out of ten Irish women prefer hot chocolate over sex
Majority of teachers say schools won't be able to cope with new Junior Cycle
1 in 5 US internet users have had bank account details and personal data stolen - survey
Tourists think Ireland is great value for money
Small and medium businesses aren't impressed with the government
Homeowners opposed to flood levy to help others get insurance
Estate agents report "mini-boom" as price increases spread outside Dublin
Majority believe minimum pricing of alcohol won't curb consumption levels
The Rehab/CRC effect? 9 in 10 donors less trusting of charities
What do Irish people watch most on YouTube? Music videos and comedy
One quarter of primary school children overweight (and 12 per cent saying 'no' to fruit)
Two thirds of Irish women want you to shave off your beard
One-in-ten young teenagers have received sexual messages online
Poll: Will you be watching the Winter Olympics?
Irish workplaces among worst in Europe for bullying
Poll: Do you still 'like' Facebook?
Trust in this government is as low as trust in the last government
Poll: Do you know where your passport is?
Poll: Do we need a crackdown on cheap drinks promotions?
Dublin city centre achieves clean rating for the first time in 18 years
Almost 50% of Irish rugby players have hidden a concussion
Irish people optimistic about the economy...but not their own lives
Is opening presents on Christmas Eve a scandalous notion?
Forestry Inventory finds 10.5% of Ireland’s total land area is forest
Good news for Labour in new opinion poll, FF and SF both down
Over 45 per cent of men are unaware of the impact of violence on women
85% of Irish fans happy with O'Neill/Keane appointment
People who play sports are more employed and better paid
Two in five Dublin dog-owners aren't cleaning up after their pet
Ireland has reduced the number of early school leavers, Eurostat finds
Ireland really is the garden of Europe, survey finds
Children are 12 times more distracting to a driver than a mobile phone
Poll: Would you consider a 'no frills' wedding?*
Survey finds 63 per cent of farmers agree with abortion legislation
Ryanair hits back at survey that says it has the worst customer service
Turns out there are savings of up to €362 to be had in the home insurance market
Two thirds of Irish householders have seen their income reduced in past year
Two thirds of Irish adults are eating more fat than their body needs
Ireland has been voted the number four 'dream destination' for US tourists