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Young people in Ireland are more likely to have quality of life problems
Most people in Ireland trust gardaí but many victims feel they won't do anything
Ireland has the highest alcohol prices in the EU (almost double the average)
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Have you ever masturbated? New RTÉ survey wants to know all about young Irish adults
Keep an eye out for these two creatures basking in the Irish sun
Ireland is the biggest user of legal highs in Europe as their growth shows 'no signs of a slowdown'
Vast majority of principals say austerity has undermined mental health support for students
LGBT teenagers are three times more likely to attempt suicide
Many people in mortgage arrears are contemplating suicide
One in 12 female students are victims of rape or attempted rape
Are your local roads in a state? You're not alone
The Garda Commissioner has just met with the people behind the 'low Garda morale' survey
Given up on owning your own home? Most people have
Here's the priciest (and the cheapest) places to buy next to a rail station in Dublin
Irish people are the third most generous in Europe
Most prosperous countries in the world revealed: Ireland ranked above Germany, UK and US
Sorry Leo, fizzy drinks won't be taxed
Irish shoppers like buying stuff that's about to go off...
Here's what REALLY makes men and women happy, according to a ridiculous survey
Students are using prescription medicines to get high
More members of staff are stealing from their employers
Should the minimum wage be raised to €11.50 an hour?
Abortion strikes fear into so many politicians, but it hasn't gone away you know...
Fianna Fáil doesn't want to repeal the 8th Amendment
Here is how much kids made from their Communions this year
What's top of your county's shopping list?
A huge number of Irish adults are worried about not having enough money to buy food
Most gay sportsmen and women in Ireland 'verbally abused' on the pitch
Irish men are the sexiest men*
Here's how many men in Ireland say they have paid for sex
More of us are taking trips abroad but where are we all going?
Got the long weekend fear?
Politicians 'don't understand the stress of having to pay bills'
Dubliners think Ireland is doing great, but people in rural areas don't agree
Apparently four out of five women don't shower every day*
There'll be no charging of your mobile when you're working for Ryanair