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People spent more money than they usually would during the heatwave
37.5 per cent of students believe in God (and 3 per cent are Jedi)
Infographic: The cost of sending a child to school in Ireland
Hotels in Dublin made €10,000 in profit per room last year
40 per cent of students say abortion should be freely available in Ireland
Council could 'take action' if tenants don't prove they dump rubbish legally
Everything's looking rosy... if you live in Germany
Irish people pay above the EU average for bread, fruit and potatoes
43% of mothers use the internet to diagnose their children’s symptoms when sick
Fianna Fáil is the best-supported party in the state, poll shows
Almost 72% of Irish motorists believe garda presence on roads has reduced
Survey finds the majority of people are unaware of pension tax breaks
Just 5 per cent of people don't own TVs - survey
Poll: Do you trust the European Union to represent your interests?
Are you 'inviting' burglars into your home?
Irish people just can't switch off from their gadgets
Ireland getting better in offering value for money, say tourists
Poll: Is Ireland still a 'rip-off Republic'?
Consumers shopping more often to hunt for bargains
Who's most likely to damage their own car by accident?
Almost 60 per cent of special needs assistants assaulted - survey
What's the most popular city for Irish tourists abroad?
Just one in five people sit down to a family dinner each Sunday - survey
Are you paying too much for home insurance?
Childcare costs leave parents struggling to pay household bills
63 per cent of people think schools should ban smartphones and social networks
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Survey: Just 58% of teenagers expect to find work in Ireland after college
Pro Life opinion poll shows 3 in 4 are against abortion
Irish employees would give away their passwords for vouchers and chocolate bars
9 things we learned about poverty in Ireland this week
Barnardos: CSO survey shows 'ravaging' effects of recession on families
Almost 70% of Irish workers admit to online shopping at work
US gun owners most likely to be white, male and married - study
Use of Irish produce in restaurants important to 69% of people - survey
Poll: Should Irish primary schools be non-denominational?
Feargal Quinn the most admired entrepreneur among Irish SMEs
Football players say depression a problem - survey
Poll: Do you think the jobs crisis has reached its peak?