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European Central Bank keeps interest rates steady for first time in over a year
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Property prices continue to rise, with the average house price now at €320,000
ECB hikes interest rates to record high after 10th straight increase
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European Central Bank increases interest rates for the ninth time since last summer
Irish mortgage rates rise above eurozone average with further increases likely
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European Central Bank increases interest rates for the eighth time since last summer
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European Central Bank raises interest rates by 0.25 percentage points
European Central Bank expected to hike interest rates again as inflation grows
EU leaders insist eurozone banking sector is stable as shares plunge
European Central Bank hikes interest rates for sixth time since last summer
AIB due to raise mortgage rates following European Central Bank hike
Bank of Ireland increasing fixed mortgage rates again
Permanent TSB announces rate increases for new fixed rate mortgages
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European Central Bank slows pace of interest rate hikes with 0.5% rise
Bank of Ireland immediately raises interest rates by 0.25% for new fixed rate mortgages
Tracker mortgage repayments to increase as European Central Bank hikes interest rates by 0.75%
Analysis: ECB rates are on the rise, what does this mean for mortgage holders?
Soaring energy prices lead to record Eurozone inflation as Gazprom suspends gas to Germany
Tracker mortgage rates to rise after ECB hike interest rates by 0.5%
ECB ups key interest rates as it warns 'inflation to remain undesirably elevated for some time'
Eurozone inflation hits record high of 7.5% as growth slows amid Ukraine war
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No let up in cost of living surge in January as Eurozone inflation hits a record high
Revolut takes 'first steps' toward offering loans and bank accounts to Irish users
Irish consumer prices rise 5.3% during biggest annual increase in 20 years
Cost of living concerns mount as October sees largest annual jump in consumer prices since 2007
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Faced with rising borrowing costs for EU governments, the ECB says it will increase the pace of stimulus
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More stimulus for Europe as ECB adds €500 billion to €1.35 trillion package, extending it into 2022