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Chief Whip says leaking of elements of IBRC plan is ‘unfortunate’
Dáil to sit at 10:30pm to debate emergency legislation on liquidating IBRC
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No agreement but bank debt deal talks will continue, Ministers insist
Failure on debt deal would have 'catastrophic effect on Ireland' - Tánaiste
Report: ECB rules out long-term bond to replace promissory note
Belgian KBC to pay back €8.3bn in ECB loans
Gilmore expects promissory note deal before next payment is due
ECB borrowing by Irish banks at lowest level since September 2008
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Plans to cut another 9,500 public jobs are 'too costly', says Troika
The €5 note is getting a facelift in May
Government will not pay €3.1bn promissory note for former Anglo Irish Bank in March - Rabbitte
Mathew Elderfield issues warning over EU banking union
Dublin Lord Mayor: "I have a professional disregard for the legal classes"
Euro banknotes to be redesigned with image of Greek 'Europa'
Cyprus close to deal on becoming fourth bailed-out Eurozone country
Lenihan letters: What’s been released, and what hasn’t
In full: Brian Lenihan tells the ECB why Ireland needs a bailout
Released: Brian Lenihan’s letter where Ireland asks for a bailout
Noonan insists: No, the Troika DID demand that we repay the bank bondholders
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Merkel rules out backdated ESM help for bailing out Europe’s banks
Euro crisis based on 'design flaws' in monetary union, conference told
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Portugal criticises tardy European Central Bank
ECB leaves main interest rate unchanged at 0.75 per cent
European-wide bank supervision plans ruled out by Sweden
IMF turns up heat on demands for Irish bank debt deal
Not essential to have bank debt deal by end of October - Honohan
ECB's bond-buying is not a breach of its rules - Merkel
ECB may buy Irish bonds at end of bailout programme
ECB leaves interest rates unchanged at 0.75 per cent
Seventh IMF review releases nearly one billion euro to Ireland
No plans to release ECB letters despite newspaper report