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Last year
Varadkar raises prospect of another rotating Taoiseach arrangement if coalition is re-elected
McDonald doesn't rule out possibility of Sinn Féin-Fianna Fáil coalition after the next election
Eamon Ryan claims Green Party is the 'most effective' junior coalition partner in Irish history
Despite a free vote, no FF TDs and just one FG TD voted in favour of PBP's abortion bill
Harris calls for ‘everyone to take a bit of a deep breath’ over rows with coalition over budget
'It's pure electioneering': Barry Cowen hits out at Fine Gael
'Being in coalition doesn't mean we're the same': Coveney on FG-FF tensions
Cabinet agrees counter measures to Sinn Féin's eviction ban motion
Neasa Hourigan says she will vote against the coalition on extending the eviction ban
All time
Ireland ranked highest in Europe for boosters as elective care may be cancelled due to Covid
Profile: The hard-right tech millionaire who's just taken over as Israeli prime minister
Poll: Do you think the new government is doing a good job so far?
Éamon Ó Cuív and Saoirse McHugh say they won't back programme for government
After weekend row, Varadkar, Martin and Ryan sat down for talks on government formation today
Green Party will enter coalition talks with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil
'More urgency needed' to form government as two Covid-19 supports require legislation
Green Party rules out FG/FF coalition, calls for national unity government to tackle coronavirus
'We need a government': Covid-19 brings 'urgency' to FF-FG government talks
'Discussion about the potential for a government of change': Mary Lou McDonald meets with Green Party and People Before Profit
FF finds itself between a rock and a hard place as all eyes turn to coalition talks
What are the coalition options for the next government, and what are the leaders' stances?
'It's not a normal party': Leo Varadkar rules out post-election coalition with Sinn Féin
US-led coalition starts withdrawing from Syria amid fears about Isis rebuilding
Explainer: 13 million people are facing starvation in Yemen. Why?
'It was not an appropriate comment to make': Minister slapped down for comments about coalition with Sinn Féin
Germany's Social Democrats clear path for Merkel's fourth term
Angela Merkel looked a dead cert to lead Germany again but she's now fighting for her political life
Chances of a Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil government just got a lot smaller
Iceland's government collapses after PM's father vouches for paedophile
DUP signs £1 billion deal to prop up Theresa May's government
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'Incompatible like oil and water': Fine Gael rules out Sinn Féin coalition
Poll: Should Fine Gael consider going into power with Sinn Féin?
Here's how fighter jets refuel while bombing ISIS
Russian army says US-led coalition has killed 60 Syrian soldiers in air strikes
Russia takes credit for killing "principal architect" of terrorist attacks against the West
All smiles, but Australia's in political limbo after voters punish government
Talks latest: Labour could go back into government with Fine Gael
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