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Here's how many cars have been sold so far this year...
Ouch, my wallet: Prices went up by 0.5 per cent last month alone
New car sales went up 23 per cent in February
Drop in foreign nationals employed in Ireland
This chart shows just how much Dublin property prices drive up the average
Column: The State’s new year resolution should be to cherish all children equally
Clothes and shoe sales up in November; books and newspapers down
Number of people 'signing on' at lowest since May 2009
Property prices have increased for the eighth month in a row
Price of potatoes drops by almost a third in one year
Numbers on the Live Register fall again in November, unemployment at 12.5 per cent
Dublin property prices up 15 per cent as rest of country shows some positive signs
Education down, ICT up: Average weekly earnings decrease in 9 of 13 sectors measured
‘Very encouraging’: Fall in unemployment to lowest level since 2009 welcomed
Eight men died by suicide every week in 2011
36 girls under 15 gave birth in 2011, but teenage birth rate is dropping
Small Donegal village named as crime black spot due to 'temporary glitch'
Ireland technically exits recession as economy records growth
Suicide rate amongst young people in Ireland fourth highest in EU
Students win prize for study that found the potato is not the most Irish vegetable
Live Register falls by 3,200 in July
Here's how many Irish businesses 'died' in one year
Boost for tourism with visitor numbers up 5.4 per cent in first six months
Government deficit grows by €360m in a year
Live Register numbers fall by 2,500 in June
Ireland is officially back in recession
The average Irish worker earns €36,079, €174 more than in 2011
Exports rise by 1% but trade surplus falls by 3%
'131' plates don't seem to be working as new car sales down 11.2% in May
Same number of women but 700 fewer men sign on in May
Teens waiting until 17 to have sex leads to a fall in teen pregnancies
Is The Gathering actually working?
Which county has the lowest disposable income per person?
CSO farming figures show sheep numbers up 7pc, potatoes down 13.1pc
100 fewer people on the Live Register last month
No milk today: Drop in how much milk Irish people are drinking
The Evening Fix… now with added perfectly timed photos
Trade surplus of €3.1bn in February 2013 - CSO