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Slight increase in new car sales in March
Increase in trips to Ireland 'a positive start' to the year
CSO figures indicate economic growth of 0.9 per cent in 2012
Column: The Local Property Tax is likely to lead to job losses in retail
North America 'key to tourism growth' as trips to Ireland up by 50,000
Irish exports at highest levels since 2002
Food and drink prices down over 6 per cent since 2008 - Retail Ireland
Couples getting hitched later in life as marriage rates fall
Retail sales fell slightly in December - CSO
Almost 8,500 days lost in 2012 to industrial disputes
Value of exports rises in November - CSO
Increase in tourists in autumn, winter 2012
Small drop in live register figures - but unemployment stays at 14.6 per cent
Residential property prices fall 5.7%
New crime figures show burglaries on the rise
81 per cent of households now have internet access
Birth rate down by 2.3 per cent in second quarter of 2012
Retail sales up 1.7 per cent in October
Trade surplus for September down 41% on August – CSO
Garda commissioner’s term extended for two years
Irish multinationals employed almost 249,000 abroad in 2010
Disposable income and household savings up in second quarter
Fall in annual inflation rate in October
13 per cent of population have a disability - CSO
Unemployment unchanged at 14.8 per cent in October
Retail sales up for the third month in a row
Property prices continue to rise in September
Student life: Phones under pillows, cereal and Usain Bolt
Number of Catholics at record high, despite lowest percentage ever - CSO
10 per cent of Irish population living in food poverty
Trade surplus increases by €1bn - CSO
Irish take almost 9 million domestic trips in 2011
Households spend more on housing than food for first time ever
Inflation low but prices high in Ireland
Sharp rise in numbers taking part in back-to-work schemes
Births, deaths and marriages all decreased in Q1 of 2012 - CSO
Live register figures virtually unchanged in September
Crime is falling - but kidnapping and burglaries have risen sharply
Residential property prices down in Dublin but up across the country
One third of pensioners in one Irish county live on their own – census