# Your Say

Last year
Poll: How would you score yesterday's Budget?
Poll: Will you watch the Budget 2024 announcement?
Poll: Will you watch the new season of Big Brother?
Poll: Will you watch the rugby today?
Poll: What's your favourite way to eat potatoes?
Poll: Should Ireland gradually increase the age at which cigarettes can be purchased?
Poll: Are you pleased Ireland is set to co-host Euro 2028?
Poll: When did you last use Aertel?
Poll: Will you get a Covid-19 booster vaccine this autumn/winter?
Poll: Would you attend a concert inside of a dome?
Poll: Which part of the country should get another MEP seat?
Poll: Would you like to see a United Ireland within your lifetime?
Poll: Do you support rank-and-file gardaí going on strike?
Poll: Will you watch the Great British Bake Off this year?
Poll: Should heavier cars pay more motor tax?
Poll: How far will Ireland go in the Rugby World Cup?
Poll: Should American Bully XL dogs be banned in Ireland?
Poll: Are you happy with the Late Late Show guest lineup so far?
Poll: Should single-use vapes be banned?
Poll: How often do you use cash?
Poll: Have you ever been to the Ploughing?
Poll: Have you turned the heating on yet?
Poll: Will you watch Strictly Come Dancing this evening?
Poll: Will you watch The Late Late Show tonight?
Poll: How much sleep do you get?
Poll: Should RTÉ sell its Dublin 4 land to raise funds?
Poll: Should there be free legal aid for all domestic violence cases?
Poll: Have you ever been clamped?
Poll: Will you watch TG4's new kids station Cúla4?
Poll: Are you going to watch the Rugby World Cup?
Poll: Do you enjoy the heat?
Poll: At what age should children be allowed to have a smartphone?
Poll: Do you clean up after yourself after being at a music festival?
Poll: Should households in new developments be limited to one parking space?
Poll: Should there be a referendum on capping the number of TDs?
Poll: Would you consider renting a spare room to a student this year?
Poll: Should the minimum age for buying cigarettes be raised to 21?
Poll: Is space exploration a worthwhile endeavour?
Poll: Do you remember how many points you got in your Leaving Cert?
Poll: Has your local pub closed down in the last five years?