# Your Say

Last year
Poll: Are you planning to go to a festival next year?
Poll: Do you listen to Christmas FM?
Poll: Would you go to see Katie Taylor fight in Croke Park?
Poll: Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?
Poll: Did you watch the Toy Show?
Poll: Should Irish organisations with 'royal' in their title drop that word?
Poll: Do you know who your MEPs are?
Poll: Will you watch I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here tonight?
Poll: Will you watch the final season of The Crown?
Poll: Do you struggle to pay your energy bills?
Poll: Do you check the salt content of food?
Poll: Have you ever attended a League of Ireland match?
Poll: Who would you like to see win the FAI Cup final?
Poll: Should the live crib at Mansion House go ahead?
Poll: Do you carry an organ donor card?
Poll: Would you be in favour of lowering the voting age to 16?
Poll: Should primary school-aged children be banned from using smartphones?
Poll: Did you spot the Northern Lights last night?
Poll: Which party would you vote for if there was a general election tomorrow?
Poll: Is it acceptable to play Christmas music yet?
Poll: Have you ever bought cryptocurrency?
Poll: What’s your favourite Beatles song?
Poll: Have you started your Christmas shopping?
Poll: What's your favourite (classic) scary movie?
Poll: Will you be dressing up for Halloween this year?
Poll: Should Ireland keep or scrap the biannual clock changes?
Poll: Do you put up decorations for Halloween?
Poll: Would you watch an Oireachtas TV-style channel for the EU Parliament?
Poll: Would you report bonfire-related activity?
Poll: Do you have secure online passwords?
Poll: Will you watch the Rugby World Cup final?
Poll: Should the possession of drugs for personal use be decriminalised?
Poll: How long is too long when it comes to movies?
Poll: Do you pay attention to weather warnings?
Poll: Would you pay for Twitter/X?
Poll: Should drivers committing traffic offences get more penalty points on bank holidays?
Poll: Who do you now think will win the Rugby World Cup?
Poll: What's your favourite Michael Caine film?
Poll: Is it too early for shops to sell Christmas things?
Poll: If Ireland don't make history tonight, who do you want to see lift the Rugby World Cup?