# The High Table Interview

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We asked Leo Varadkar if he finds it hard to keep his mouth shut...
Micheál Martin is okay with his own TDs criticising him, but how will he solve his woman problem?
He's ruled out Fine Gael and Sinn Féin, so could Micheál Martin do a deal with anyone?
Labour TD: That Tesco ad has haunted us
Leo Varadkar thinks our abortion laws are 'too restrictive'
Leo: The Áras Attracta abuse is the worst I've ever seen
Leo says he'll get a plan to sort out 'chronic' hospital overcrowding
Shane Ross thinks there's a problem with 'celebrity' election candidates
Would Shane Ross do a deal with Sinn Féin?
Fine Gael TD: Why I got really pissed off at the government
Would Leo be a better leader than Enda? We asked this Fine Gael TD (four times)
What will anti-water charges TDs do if boycotters are brought to court?
Does Paul Murphy think he's too posh to represent working people?
Paul Murphy: It would have been peaceful to hold Joan Burton for 12 hours
Mary Lou McDonald: 'I'm not exactly a shrinking violet'
We asked Mary Lou McDonald where she'd be now had she stayed in Fianna Fáil
Mary Lou: Socialists were nowhere to be seen after telling people to boycott property tax
Mary Lou: I am absolutely satisified that Gerry Adams is telling the truth
Minister: There's a new optimism around Labour, people are prepared to listen to us again
Minister: Strong argument for raising the minimum wage as economy recovers
'Better the devil you know': Labour minister leaning towards Scotland staying in the UK
Róisín Shortall thinks Eamon Gilmore was out of touch, in denial and should have quit sooner
Róisín Shortall: We need more than just politicians to start a new political party
Róisín Shortall: I'm surprised the 'very inexperienced' James Reilly wasn't sacked
One of these two people will be Labour leader later today. Here's what they told us...
'I keep telling him to work on that voice' - Joan Burton's advice to Mario Rosenstock
VIDEO: Joan Burton on how austerity affects her and Sinn Féin being an 'intensely populist party'
Joan Burton: I favour legalising cannabis for medical use (and no, I've never smoked it)
VIDEO: What does Joan Burton think has been Labour's biggest mistake in government?
Minister: I keep an eye on cannabis legalisation in other countries (And yes, I've tried it)
VIDEO: Alex White on how austerity affects him and whether Joan Burton hurt his feelings
Alex White: Right now, a reasonable person could conclude that Kenny sacked Callinan
VIDEO: In his last big interview, Gilmore firmly believed he'd be Labour leader in 2016
VIDEO: Gilmore on whether he still wants to be Taoiseach, running in 2016 and the reshuffle
Gilmore on THAT water charges leaflet: 'What I was against then is what I'm against now'
Eamon Gilmore: 'I think we’ve had a bad couple of months'