# The High Table Interview

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This father is voting NO, his daughter is voting YES. Watch them debate.
Brendan Howlin: There are "really weird people" who attack others online
Brendan Howlin thinks left-wing parties "thrive in chaos"
Why can't all the left-wing parties get their act together?
What exactly is Siteserv - and why is everyone talking about it?
More than one whistleblower came forward with Siteserv information
Why is this TD always shouting and roaring in the Dáil?
Why Richard Boyd Barrett thinks heroin and cocaine should be decriminalised
"I was simply standing on a public footpath" - Joan Collins TD arrested at Dublin protest
'Enda uses Sinn Féin's ideas as something to beat us with'
'I lost the rag to make Joan Burton wake up'
Why this TD uses military metaphors and might nationalise Dunnes
What is the Socialist alternative to Irish Water and water charges?
Ruth Coppinger wouldn't have called Joan Burton the C-word
'It was absolutely ludicrous that the Garth Brooks fiasco was allowed to happen'
'Why does everyone think Aer Lingus is a basket case that we've got to sell?'
Why is this TD so incredibly upbeat about Fianna Fáil?
7 things we learned from our VERY revealing interview with Ronan Mullen
Ronan Mullen reckons most politicians will vote NO in the same-sex marriage referendum
Watch this TD's heart-warming response when we asked if he'll marry his partner
'Completely daft': This TD doesn't think much of Renua Ireland...
After John Perry hires his wife, we asked a Fine Gael TD if they'd employ a family member...
We asked Enda some of life's burning questions*
Here's what we learned from Enda Kenny's one-on-one with
WATCH: Enda on changing his mind, not taking himself seriously and running for president...
We asked Enda Kenny to tell us why he's worth €3,500-a-week
So we asked Enda Kenny if he'll do a TV debate with Micheál Martin (or Gerry Adams)
Senator: I was called a Nazi and threatened with rape for supporting Palestine
Watch this Sinn Féin MEP's somewhat surprising answer to the Gerry Adams/IRA question
'If my daughter was raped I'd never force her to carry a child'
"We have a love affair with incarcerating people in Ireland"
'A kick in the backside': Sinn Féin MEP on THAT smackdown from Phil Hogan
Watch this Labour minister rule out coalition with just about everyone*
'I remember getting that Every Little Hurts leaflet and not using it'
So we asked this government minister about the colour of *that* dress...
Watch Gerry Adams read his tweets - and yes, he writes them himself
'Being a TD was the one thing that kept me sane after Anne died'
The extended interview: Gerry Adams on hugs, confession and telling the Troika to bugger off
Gerry Adams: I've given the guards names of alleged IRA sex offenders
Watch Gerry Adams explain how Sinn Féin could afford to scrap water charges