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Gardaí on hunt to find dole cheats
Joan Burton wants to increase the Christmas Bonus again next year
'If there were no carers, the cost to the government would bring the system down'
Government funds to pay for funerals halved since 2011
Woman awarded €5,000 for not being allowed to do JobBridge internship
Child Benefit: €5 extra per child, per month for parents
Joan Burton set to clear up confusion about outdoor weddings
Department's top doctor isn't retiring... because they can't find anyone good enough to replace him
Joan Burton defends new death certs after 'hidden suicide' claims
JobBridge is 'absolutely not' used by employers to get cheap labour
'No questions about it, the Free Travel pass is safe'
Should families with teens be given more money to feed them?
'Fingers still crossed': Joan Burton feeling hopeful about Labour leadership
9,000 families to lose one-parent payment from today
How should Irish adoption laws be changed?
Joan Burton's department has refused to name most of the companies who use JobBridge
Rent allowance banned in Ballymun to "attain a good social mix"
How many people have taken up Gateway job activation places?
The number of people receiving a carer's allowance has increased by 40%
Government unsure if paying social welfare electronically will save money
Taoiseach warns of risk of 'welfare dependency' despite falling unemployment
Unemployment rate falls again to 11.7 per cent
Joan Burton's response: Eamon Gilmore is the leader of the Labour Party and I support him in that.
Almost 27 per cent of us have experienced two or more types of deprivation
Gardaí to work as social welfare inspectors
Department carried out one million reviews of social welfare recipients last year
Sligo has the highest rate of people on JobBridge right now
Just 69 people have taken up Gateway places
Government must modernise An Post says Dáil motion
Jobseeker payments expenditure to fall by as much as 20 per cent
Burton defends welfare checks on widows and widowers
Column: The State’s new year resolution should be to cherish all children equally
Average household receives €327 per week in social welfare payments
Column: Restoring the Christmas bonus should be a no-brainer
Joan Burton: Why it's time to talk about a Living Wage for Ireland
Ireland spends less of its social protection budget on old age benefit than anywhere in EU
New legislation to protect pensioners with defined benefit schemes
Burton calls for 'living wage' and says welfare state makes employers 'efficient'
Students protest cuts to social welfare by eating beans on a couch at Leinster House
Vigil at children’s hospital to highlight medical card removal