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Microplastics found in Arctic and Alps after being carried by wind and snow, scientists warn
'Approach with your eyes open': Default options can sway customers buying financial products online
Climate change happening faster than many animals can adapt, study finds
Figures suggest two-in-five renters in 'pressure zones' still being hit with rent increases above 4%
Landlords selling a private rental property one of the main drivers of family homelessness in Dublin
Irish researchers make discovery which may lead to epilepsy 'warning system'
HSE to spend up to €60k on abortion in Ireland research study
Bacteria discovered in Cork improves ability to cope with stress
Countries that help working class students get into university have happier citizens
Messages highlighting dangers of drug use during sex need to target wider audience
Drinking alcohol during teenage years linked with stunted brain growth
This video game training device is helping stroke survivors regain arm movement
Teen vapers are more likely to use sweet-flavoured e-cigarettes than adult vapers, study finds
This town in Longford is the most at-risk place from job automation in the country
Millennials still recognise songs from music's 1960s-90s golden age, study finds
Bees have brains that can figure out basic maths, new study finds
New study seeks first-time mothers in Ireland who experienced trauma during childbirth
Babies who hear two languages at home have a better ability to concentrate
Better forecasts may be possible with new research on extreme rainfall patterns
How and why the brain decides whether to hold 'em or fold 'em
Researches reveal how the brain tells you to scratch an itch
New tool identifies which patients with COPD are at risk of death or serious complications
Weirdly shaped mouse sperm can be used to tell species apart
Removing sweets from supermarket checkouts linked to fall in unhealthy snack purchases
Saturn is losing its rings at the 'worst-case scenario' rate
Breakthrough from scientists in Cork shows flying reptiles had feathers over 200 million years ago
Brainwaves suppress obvious ideas to help us think more creatively, study finds
Youths who identify as sexual minorities more vulnerable to depression from age 10
This ancient strain of plague may have aided in wipeout of Neolithic Europeans
Thyroid cancer impact on children and teens following Fukushima nuclear accident
Angry customers and bullying: Why job stress in Ireland has doubled
Antidepressant prescriptions increased after Brexit vote
MDMA makes you more likely to cooperate, but only with trustworthy people - study
UCD research to explore how child abuse survivors found strength in their struggles
Smoking and diabetes have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than men - study
Many non-Irish nationals are as likely to be employed and as educated as Irish people
Culture strongly influences how young people cope with natural disasters, study finds
One fifth of obese 13-year-olds in Ireland believe they are just the right weight
Study says humans can recognise 5,000 faces
First-born children more likely than younger siblings to learn about sex from parents