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Consideration on Bethany Home redress to be concluded 'in weeks'
Bethany Home survivors to Taoiseach: "Please do not treat us differently"
Justice for Magdalenes group ends its campaign
"Against all the odds, I survived": Bethany Home survivors tell their stories
Bethany Home survivors to meet Shatter for redress and apology
Reilly to table Neary compensation plan before summer break
Neary victims 'in limbo' as they wait for government 'to do the right thing'
Nearly 800 inquiries about Magdalene Laundries fund
Still much work to do to ensure justice for Magdalenes
Bethany Home survivors: "They will have to realise we are not going away"
Magdalene redress scheme may be widened, Taoiseach indicates
Magdalenes invited to contact Department as redress process begins
Congregations have 'moral obligation' to meet costs for abuse victims - Quinn
Magdalene survivors criticise 'unacceptable' delay for apology and redress
'Delays' in redress for wronged Defence Forces staff
Quinn to press ahead with religious orders meeting… will they show up?
UN Committee against Torture recommends inquiry into Magdalene Laundries