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25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Controversial Mother and Baby Home redress scheme will open for applications next month
Last year
Compel religious orders to pay redress, Sinn Féin TD says, as survivors mull legal action
Mother and Baby Home redress scheme won't open until next year, missing 2023 deadline
'Witnesses telling their stories, while they're still alive, is very powerful'
Government seeks experts to ensure Mother and Baby Home redress scheme doesn't break GDPR rules
Mother and Baby Homes: 'Morally obnoxious' and 'callous' redress scheme passes Dáil vote
TD says Mother and Baby Home redress is 'madness', Varadkar accuses her of 'demonising' govt
'I could feel the blood draining from me': Magdalene survivor criticises 'frightening' UN decision
'I feel deflated, so low': Magdalene laundry survivor loses case at UN Committee Against Torture
'I was the child of a fallen woman': Boyd Barrett gives powerful speech in Mother & Baby debate
'Mothers had their children ripped out of their arms': 24,000 people excluded from redress
Opinion: Will it take a miracle for State to do right thing on Mother and Baby redress scheme?
'Four lives were ripped apart': Woman plans legal action over mother's exclusion from redress
All time
'Five grand can't give me my son back': Mother and Baby Home survivors hit out at redress plans
Redacted Lives: Final episode explores redress and plans to excavate Tuam mother and baby home site
'A remarkable man': Bethany Home campaigner Derek Leinster dies aged 81
Mother and Baby Homes: Forum says Tusla is 'erratic, dysfunctional and devoid of trust'
Mother and Baby Homes: Collaborative Forum's report to finally be published - after years of delays
Government told to sue religious orders, or seize their assets, if they refuse to pay redress
'€5,000 for your child being taken? You would get multiples of that for a whiplash injury'
Holly Cairns: Calculating redress based on length of time in an institution is just wrong
Mother and Baby Homes: People will have up to five years to apply for redress under new scheme
Mother and Baby Homes: Survivors say redress scheme ignores the trauma of family separation
Mother and Baby Homes: Some consequences - like testimonies - are more important than others
'100 years of injustice': Survivors call for mother and baby home redress scheme to be extended
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Are religious property proceeds going to redress?
Religious orders involved in redress sold properties totalling €90 million since 2016
Independent office to lead excavation of Tuam Mother and Baby Home site
More Mother and Baby Home survivors to take legal action if they're excluded from Redress Bill
6-month rule and legal waiver must be scrapped from Mother & Baby Home redress plan, committee says
Extract: 'My mother was given a half hour’s notice to get me ready to have me taken from her'
Bethany Home survivor 'highly concerned' by legal delays as State seeks more time to respond
'People are dying before they get justice': Another member leaves Mother and Baby Home forum
Remembrance centre to be located at site of former Magdalene Laundry on Sean McDermott Street
Mica homeowner group welcomes new report on costings for grant scheme
'I'll protest until I die': Call for 'forgotten' boarded out children to be given redress
Taoiseach rules out reopening redress scheme for mother and baby home survivors
Tuam site may finally be excavated in 2022 - five years after 'significant' human remains found
Mica redress: Package for homeowners capped at €420,000 in €2.2 billion scheme
Government will not oppose motion for review of redress scheme for Mother and Baby Home survivors