This week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Nato has no plans to send troops to Ukraine, amid reports some countries are considering doing so
Hungary approves Sweden's bid to join Nato following months of delays
Last month
February 2024
Zelenskyy signs security deal with France after earlier securing 'historic' German pact
Biden hits out at Trump's 'dangerous' remarks questioning US commitment to defend Nato allies
EU and Nato leaders criticise Trump over threat to 'encourage' Russian attacks on allies
Ireland in new agreement with Nato to counter potential threats to undersea infrastructure
This year
Ukraine gains in doubt without American aid, warns US Secretary of State following Nato meeting
Taoiseach heads to Balkans to visit Irish troops in Kosovo and for talks on EU enlargement
Last year
Sweden's bid to join Nato inches forward - but still faces key vote in Turkish parliament
Ukrainian military officers in North Cork for NATO partner country training
Nato chief to visit Kosovo and Serbia after flaring tensions
NATO ramps ups Baltic Sea patrols after destruction caused to gaspipe and communications cable
Von der Leyen condemns 'possible deliberate' destruction Estonia gaspipe
Deep dive: On site with Ireland's undersea drone experts for a major military exercise
Nokia to offer Irish government solution to undersea cable security concerns
Nato chief meets Zelenskyy to discuss defence needs in Ukraine
Factcheck: MEP Clare Daly ‘mistakenly’ cited wrong fatality figures for Russian invasion of Ukraine
Ukraine says Russian drones fell on Romania
Poland says two Belarusian helicopters violated its airspace today
NATO assessors return to Cork as Irish soldiers hone their skills
Irish Defence Force engineers to be evaluated by Nato this week
Ireland takes first steps towards joining European security project to protect undersea cables
Zelenskyy hails 'security victory' as G7 nations pledge long-term support for Ukraine
Turkey won’t ratify Sweden’s Nato membership bid before October, Erdogan says
NATO members hold off on granting Ukraine membership while pledging more defence spending
Zelenskyy criticises ‘absurd’ lack of timetable for Ukraine to join Nato as summit begins
Turkish president agrees to support Sweden's Nato bid ahead of summit
Zelensky wins Erdogan's NATO backing after securing US cluster bombs
NATO's top man to stay in role as UK fails in bid to see its Defence Minister get the job
Erdogan signals Turkey is not ready to ratify Sweden Nato membership
Day three at the Security Forum: talks turn to Nato as neutrality protests continue
Dr Edward Burke: 'We may cherish our neutrality but we cannot ignore the changing world'
The view from Brussels: What do EU and NATO military leaders make of Ireland's neutral stance?
Government defends security forum as opposition label it 'rigged' and 'unashamedly one-sided'
Irish general who liaises between State, EU and Nato calls defence links 'a force for good'
A forum on Irish foreign policy and neutrality kicks off this week - but what's it all about?
President Higgins issues apology over remarks about security forum chair following criticism
Tom Clonan: Joining NATO doesn't benefit Ireland, but that doesn't excuse poor defence spending
Tánaiste defends forum as President claims Ireland is 'playing with fire' in neutrality 'drift'
Nato says peacekeepers 'unwavering' as Kosovo tensions flare