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'How could they have come up with that?... You very seriously disparaged Maurice McCabe to their faces'
Callinan says that TD's claim he said McCabe sexually abused family members is a 'falsehood'
McCabe's name was 'blackened'... but what now that the smear campaign claims aren't backed up?
'He told me McCabe was a troubled individual and had a lot of psychological issues and psychiatric issues.'
Shatter tells Tribunal that dealing with McCabe's claims was like 'sinking in quicksand'
'Maurice I have to be honest with you - there was a campaign against you and I was part of it'
'They can write a story about it tomorrow, but they don't have to tell the Tribunal about it?'
Taylor believes he ran a 'successful' smear campaign... but who did he actually tell?
'He was driven by revenge': Alleged narrative senior gardaí accused of using against Maurice McCabe
Man who says he was ordered to smear Maurice McCabe will give evidence at the Tribunal today
No files on 'privileged' garda systems labelling McCabe a 'target' or a 'suspect', Tribunal told
€1.5m and counting: Why the Disclosures Tribunal has cost us this much and why it will cost a lot more
No evidence on Taylor's phones that he was ordered to smear McCabe, Tribunal hears
Former garda press office boss 'got a buzz' from doing job, colleague tells Tribunal
David Taylor had over 11,000 contacts with journalists in just four months after leaving garda press office job
Alan Kelly says his questions about the Department of Justice are going unanswered
Only three of 15 senior garda phones handed over to Disclosures Tribunal
Superintendent describes former garda press officer as 'very difficult to work with'
'Really, really, really strange' that Callinan would draft letter for solicitor Gerald Kean, Tribunal hears
Top civil servant says he and Martin Callinan were 'concerned' by Maurice McCabe's whistleblowing
Did he say it or didn't he? The 'kiddie fiddler' comment that just won't go away
Auditor General says Martin Callinan told him of sex assault allegations against McCabe
'I believe he used me' - Gerald Kean says Martin Callinan spoke to him before RTÉ appearance
'After everything, I don't know how the man is sitting here at the Tribunal today'
Leinster House rumours, f*****g headbangers and 'his word against mine': Another explosive day at the Tribunal
'And the other fella fiddles with kids. They’re the kind of f*****g headbangers I’m dealing with'
This is what a TD says he wrote down after meeting Martin Callinan in a car park
Tusla will underspend its 2017 budget by €11.4m - here's why
Dept of Justice had 'shortcomings' but 'did not deliberately conceal' emails from Disclosures Tribunal
'The beginning of the end': After McCabe, Tribunal now poised to enter most crucial weeks
Decision to challenge McCabe credibility 'entirely justified', Tribunal hears
'It would be hard to invent a story like that': Maurice McCabe finishes evidence at Tribunal
'Horrific', 'destroyed me', 'bury him': An emotional Maurice McCabe gives his side of the story
Tribunal hears claim that Martin Callinan told TD that Maurice McCabe 'sexually abused his own children'
We'll finally get to hear from Maurice McCabe at the Tribunal tomorrow - but what will he be asked?
Maurice McCabe accepts fake rape allegation against him in HSE report was unintentional, Tribunal hears
Tribunal to consider if any evidence of 'dark truth' that commissioner was 'going after' McCabe
Garda civil servant testifies that he did not say gardaí were 'going after' Maurice McCabe
Martin Callinan's 'disgusting comment' led to 'open season' on Maurice McCabe
Heroes and villains: Why nothing is clear-cut anymore at the Disclosures Tribunal