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Taylor torn down and Callinan undone: Judge Charleton's forensic analysis on a national scandal
Maurice McCabe: 'It’s finished for us now, all is over. I can get back to my normal job hopefully'
'It was not a lazy dodging': Former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald vindicated by Charleton report
Charleton says gardaí need 'complete turn-around in attitude' and some are 'crying out for leadership'
How Peter Charleton found the fact among the rumour, gossip, lies and deceit
Disclosures Tribunal finds Martin Callinan and former press officer ran 'campaign' against Maurice McCabe
The missing phones: Tribunal finds Dave Taylor 'chose to present a public lie to the people of Ireland'
Justice Charleton uses the word 'calumny' 27 times in his report - here's what it means
Disclosures Tribunal accepts no one in Garda HQ influenced Paul Reynolds' broadcasts
'No credible evidence' O'Sullivan 'played any part' in campaign against McCabe
Keith Harrison trying to stop internal Garda investigation
Investigators interview whistleblowers about links between gardaí and drugs gang for next tribunal phase
Charleton to be replaced by Justice Sean Ryan for next Disclosures module
Nóirín O'Sullivan and her son are suing the Times newspaper group
He said, he said: The 'blackening' of Maurice McCabe? Or the smear campaign that never existed?
'You really need to think about this': What happened in the Nóirín module at the Disclosures Tribunal
'Utter nonsense': The curious case of Keith Harrison at the Disclosures Tribunal
A series of catastrophic events: What happened in the Tusla module at the Disclosures Tribunal
What the Disclosures Tribunal heard: A definitive timeline of the Maurice McCabe story
Evidence of four witnesses should be disregarded, Disclosures Tribunal told
Protected disclosure made by David Taylor 'essentially a work of fiction', lawyers for gardaí tell Tribunal
'So many lies': Mr Justice Charleton left with plenty to mull over as Tribunal winds up
Charleton says it would be 'absolutely futile' to bring journalists who claimed privilege to High Court
Clare Daly tells Tribunal she was aware of 'whispering allegations' about Maurice McCabe
Tusla 'apologises profusely' for McCabe errors as damning report highlights systemic failures
Tusla chief's email to staff ahead of McCabe report's release: 'We can weather this storm'
RTÉ's Paul Reynolds described as being 'a character from The Naked Gun' at Disclosures Tribunal
'Maurice McCabe was deeply unhappy with it. Nóirín O'Sullivan was unhappy with it. So be it'
Paul Reynolds says that Taylor's claims of smear campaign 'just doesn't make sense'
Journalist on Miss D interview: 'It wouldn't have been material that would be published in the Sunday Times'
'A total fantasy': Irish Times journalist dismisses Taylor's account of smear campaign
Irish Daily Mail group editor says evidence by paper's journalist was 'not logical'
Retired garda says it would've been 'out of character' for Callinan to say such nasty things about McCabe
'Your man McCabe is supposed to be a kiddie fiddler': Irish Examiner journalist says he heard false rumours
The 'whispering campaign' and the 'Grudge' Tribunal: Where did these McCabe rumours come from?
Philip Boucher-Hayes says that Callinan told him McCabe had done 'horrific things... the worst kind'
'I said where is it coming from - your pal Nóirín? She said yes'
Former Sunday Independent editor: "He came back to the office and said: 'He's a paedophile'"
O'Sullivan says she 'didn't trust' David Taylor and was 'surprised' he got top press office job
Privileged information: Disclosures Tribunal set to clash with journalists over sources