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Last year
Tánaiste announces €50 million funding for countries vulnerable to impacts of climate change
McConalogue urged to tackle agriculture emissions as he prepares to co-host event with UAE
Fossil fuel debate heats up at COP28 as climate minister says carte blanches are 'not an option'
2023 on course to smash the record for the hottest year
'Some of us couldn't leave Gaza': The Palestinians fighting for climate in face of Israel's 'violations'
Ireland to develop carbon capture but 'can't use that as cover' for fossil fuels - Climate Minister
Behind the scenes, climate talks tussle with world falling far short of sticking to Paris Agreement
'Profound responsibility on our shoulders': Taoiseach pledges €25 million to climate damage fund
No plans for Ireland to commit to further cuts in methane emissions at COP28 - Taoiseach
Millions pledged to new climate damage fund amid warning 2023 to break 'cacophony' of weather records
Loss and damage: The complicated quest to help countries hit hardest by the climate crisis
Met Éireann says Ireland on track to have ‘warmest year on record’ -- and maybe the wettest
Irish government to push for fossil fuel companies to 'pay their way' at UN climate conference
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'I think it's not going to be an easy COP' - world prepares for UN summit
Gas and oil industry faces ‘moment of truth’ ahead of COP28, report states
EU reaches deal to reduce methane gas emissions from energy sector
Last month was hottest October on record globally, Europe's climate monitor says
UK to grant new oil and gas licences in North Sea annually despite climate change
40 people killed in Kenya and Somalia as heavy rain and floods displace thousands
Developed countries to be 'urged' to contribute to fund to fight impacts of climate change
Ten people killed in western Europe by Storm Ciarán
Countries divided over China's role as climate victim or polluter at talks ahead of COP28
How nature, instead of concrete, could protect Ireland's towns from damaging floods
'Everything is damaged': Pregnant woman tells of being rescued from her flooded home
Storm Babet floods show climate change is 'here and now' - Eamon Ryan
Cabinet to hear proposal for Storm Babet flood relief scheme that could give businesses up to €100,000
New research finds climate change is 'evident' in Ireland's weather records
Status Orange rainfall warnings in place in Dublin and Wicklow
The amount of dust in the air worsened in 2022, UN says
'Orange is quite dangerous': Met Éireann explains lack of Red warning for Storm Babet's rain
Storm Babet: Cork roads remain impassable after 'worst flooding in 40 years'
Greta Thunberg charged with public order offence after London climate protest
Disasters in last 30 years have caused losses of $3.8 trillion in crops and livestock
Climate 'countdown clock' report launched ahead of key UN talks
More than 40% of Antarctica’s ice shelves have shrunk since 1997, study finds
Pádraic Fogarty: This week's budget signals the birth of a new nature economy
Greta Thunberg fined for disobeying police during climate protest
77 people die in floods in India after glacial lake bursts
At least 31 people dead and nearly 100 others missing after devastating flash floods in India