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Last year
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Govt must invest in ports in order to build offshore wind energy projects, report finds
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UN adopts ‘historic’ resolution on legal obligations to fight climate change
Environment charity brings judicial review over stalled long-term climate strategy
EU moves closer to banning new fossil-fuel cars after striking deal with Germany
World’s climate plans won’t keep temperature rise below 1.5 degrees - major UN report
'Climate needs to be at the heart of all decision-making' - Irish expert
Owner of Zara and Bershka reports €4.1 billion net profit despite fast fashion scrutiny
Energy credits should not have included richest households, climate NGO says
MEPs vote for Europe to decarbonise buildings and help nature to trap carbon
Diplomats and scientists meet to approve major report on state of the climate
Rescuers search for dozens of missing people after deadly landslide in Indonesia
Rescuers search for missing people in Brazil after twice monthly average rain falls in 24 hours
Heat and cold records broken in just five days in Argentina
Eamon Ryan says plans are afoot for 'more solar in next three years than 20 years of renewables'
EU approves 2035 ban on new fossil fuel car sales
Opinion: Investment in agriculture shouldn't be about the status quo - but on moving away from intensive farming
Delayed climate strategy to come before Cabinet amid EU infringement proceedings
Planting more trees in cities could reduce deaths from intense summer heat, study finds