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77 people die in floods in India after glacial lake bursts
Emissions of Abu Dhabi oil company owned by COP28 President to increase more than 40% by 2030
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Wind power temporarily outpaced electricity demand yesterday for the first time in Ireland
Irish lawyers represent six young people taking 32 countries to court over climate inaction
Ireland's air quality last year was below WHO standards for human health
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Rishi Sunak's U-turn on climate slammed as 'chucking the environment into a political fire'
Energy security review to find 'short-term' back-up gas storage needed for Ireland
Citizens' assembly on biodiversity loss had 'no urban-rural divide' in forming recommendations
Experts had warned for decades about dams that burst killing thousands
UN says thousands of Libya flood deaths could have been avoided
Traffic to be diverted from congested quays under proposed rehaul of Dublin city centre roads
Small islands take case to protect oceans from climate change to UN court
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€5.7 billion in fossil fuel business being funnelled through Ireland to the Global South
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