29th February 2024
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Midleton flooding was made twice as likely to occur by climate change
This week
25th February 2024 - 1st March 2024
Irish people are getting more and more worried about storms and extreme heat - climate study
MEPs pass hotly debated nature law to 'reverse hundreds of years' of damage despite farmer protests
Farmers bring tractor protest to Cork over airport expansion and climate policies
Last month
February 2024
UAE, Azerbaijan and Brazil form 'troika' to push for global action on global warming
Human destruction of nature threatens migratory mammals, fish and birds, report declares
Warmest January on record as temperatures hover above crucial 1.5 limit
EU Commission proposes 90% cut to emissions by 2040
Wildfires in central Chile kill at least 64 people, with death toll continuing to rise
Elaine McGoff: I would love to cheer on the government's new biodiversity plan, but I can't
Farmer: Branding farmers far right isn’t simply wrong, it’s helping the far right
Pádraic Fogarty: Farmers must find a more sophisticated way to be heard than tractor protests
€120 million spent by Ireland to help developing countries deal with climate change in 2022
Deposit Return Scheme: 'We are finally seeing the value in the small everyday products we use'
Breaching Dublin Airport passenger cap 'unsustainable' during climate crisis, Dáil hears
Greta Thunberg to appear in court over climate protest outside London hotel last year
January 2024
Biden announces pause on new LNG export terminals in face of 'existential threat' of climate crisis
Extreme weather events show Ireland's vulnerability to climate change, report says
UN expert slams UK over 'severe crackdowns' on climate protesters
Poll: How many holidays are you planning for 2024?
Azerbaijan backtracks on plans for all-male committee to organise COP29
EU shuts legal case after Ireland finally submits years-late climate plan - but it's still unfinished
2023 confirmed as hottest year globally since modern records began, surpassing 2016 by a 'large margin'
Azerbaijan appoints former oil executive as president of COP29 climate talks
Last year
Pádraic Fogarty: Next year, we can't afford to be complacent about biodiversity
New flood forecasting centre to open early next year
Government to examine carbon capture and storage under new Climate Action Plan
Analysis: Governments managed a COP deal in the end, but there is still so much left to do
Energy emissions not falling fast enough to stay within carbon budget
Panda diplomacy, shiny tech and coffee: How big emitters try to sell themselves at COP28
Tánaiste announces €50 million funding for countries vulnerable to impacts of climate change
McConalogue urged to tackle agriculture emissions as he prepares to co-host event with UAE
Fossil fuel debate heats up at COP28 as climate minister says carte blanches are 'not an option'
'Some of us couldn't leave Gaza': The Palestinians fighting for climate in face of Israel's 'violations'
Ireland to develop carbon capture but 'can't use that as cover' for fossil fuels - Climate Minister
'Profound responsibility on our shoulders': Taoiseach pledges €25 million to climate damage fund
Millions pledged to new climate damage fund amid warning 2023 to break 'cacophony' of weather records
Met Éireann says Ireland on track to have ‘warmest year on record’ -- and maybe the wettest
Irish government to push for fossil fuel companies to 'pay their way' at UN climate conference