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32% of Irish children are talking to strangers online every week
'Three children died as a result of measles that year. I remember their eyes'
China looks ready to scrap two-child policy by 2020 ... but few parents interested in more babies
Being rude and mean to a co-worker can have very negative effects on their children
'We have a duty to keep personal info private': Tusla denies withholding child abuse details from gardaí
Warning issued after five more people contract measles in Dublin
Poll: Do you think grandparents should get cash for helping out with childcare?
'Major changes' needed as 82 children admitted to adult mental health units
The older you get, the worse at making decisions you may become
Study finds 40% of people have a fictional first childhood memory
Retail Excellence suspends partnership with Facebook after undercover reporter exposes violations
Calls for fines and gardaí after undercover report about Facebook moderation in Dublin
Parents with severe trauma in childhood more likely to have children with behavioural problems
‘I was homeless and in a shelter at 15’: Care leavers being forced into homelessness
Poll: Should vending machines selling unhealthy foods and drinks be banned in schools?
Taoiseach 'appalled' that comment referring to 'knacker children' not removed by Facebook
Homeless children in education: 'She is very tired in school, exhausted, I would be too if I had to travel'
'You're very strong': Thai football team lost for nine days in a cave have been found
12 children and their football coach trapped for two days in flooded Thai cave
Government providing €49.5 million for school clothing scheme, up €2.1 million on last year
Over 70 babies who died at Bethany Home - and one mother - to be named on new memorial stone
Trump orders end to separation of migrant children but says 'the border is going to be just as tough'
Dealing with grief on Father's Day: 'We won't mourn the loss of Adam, but we’ll celebrate everything he gave us'
Ombudsman sounds warning about 'invisible' homeless children and family hubs
Simon Harris says it's 'right and proper' HSE apologises over failings in audiology services
For parents of children who are seriously ill, guilt is a common feeling they grapple with
Six children drown off Turkish coast
Giving babies extra Vitamin D 'doesn't make their bones any stronger'
'The sanctity of the confession box is still an issue when it comes to keeping children safe'
Parents in these 16 areas to be surveyed over demand for non-denominational schools
Childline answered 381,000 calls, texts and online messages from children last year
Can children's books help kids fight climate change?
Bereaved cervical cancer family: 'I want my Mammy. I just love her so much, I want her back.'
Kids call Childline upset after playing over-18s video games with family members
Poll: Do you agree with someone sharing photos of their children online?
'Common sense prevailed': Proposal to raise digital age of consent to 16 rejected
It's Active School Week and students are being encouraged to get out and try new activities
India approves death penalty for people convicted of raping children under 12
'Children's lives have been taken from them': Bill proposes to restrict foreign travel of convicted paedophiles
'A scandal': Almost 8,000 children waiting over a year for eye treatments