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Dear Fifi: Is a bad sex life just my cross to bear?
Dear Fifi: Am I an asshole?
Dear Fifi: Should I stop banging my housemate?
Dear Fifi: Why do I keep on getting ghosted?
Dear Fifi: I'm gay, I slept with a close (straight) friend and now she's blanking me - what do I do?
Dear Fifi: It's lots more quickfire questions!
Dear Fifi: What's the f**king point?
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Dear Fifi: It's quickfire questions!
Dear Fifi: I'm 26 years old and have never been on a date or had a relationship
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Dear Fifi: It's quickfire questions!
Dear Fifi: Will it be okay?
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Dear Fifi: My mates don't like my boyfriend, what can I do?
Dear Fifi: I don't feel like my mother likes me. How do I get over that?
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Dear Fifi: It's been a year - how do I get over my break-up?
Dear Fifi: My husband claims he's just good friends with his female boss... But I'm suspicious
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Dear Fifi: I was totally blindsided by a sudden break-up. What do I do?
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