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Two more Irish citizens evacuated from Afghanistan
EU warns Taliban it has not recognised their regime
Desperation deepens in Afghanistan as evacuation operations falter
Taliban co-founder Baradar in Kabul today for talks to set up government.
The flow of people trying to flee continues to overwhelm the international community.
US forces are going beyond the airport to help people seeking evacuation.
Barry Andrews: The international community must come together to help those fleeing Afghanistan
Turkey warns EU to stick to past migrant deals amid fears of Afghan refugee wave
Joe Biden says he cannot guarantee final outcome of Kabul evacuation during White House address
Boris Johnson insists he has confidence in Dominic Raab over Afghanistan
Fears grow Taliban are breaking promises to pardon opponents
US President Joe Biden is set to make a televised address about the evacuation effort.
A German civilian was shot on his way to the airport.
The Taliban conceded that some of their fighters were breaking into properties.
Three more Irish people evacuated from Afghanistan
'A strange and heavy feeling' for Aoife MacManus as friends and colleagues remain in Kabul
Tom Clonan: The US loss to the Taliban will have severe global repercussions
'Be brave, not ashamed': What the Syrian experience in Ireland can tell us about Afghan resettlement
Ireland has committed to accepting 200 Afghan refugees but the government expects "a lot more" will ultimately be granted protection.
Human rights and migrant organisations have called for Ireland to resettle a minimum of 1,000.
The community sponsorship model is one way Ireland could be more proactive, Rónán Duffy takes a look at what it is.
Taliban escorted Meath woman to Kabul airport as 36 Irish citizens remain in Afghanistan
Media reports of people killed at Independence Day rally in Afghan city
Opinion: Should anyone believe Taliban pledges to respect women’s rights?
Biden: US soldiers could remain in Afghanistan past deadline to ensure Americans get out
Afghan president says he fled Kabul to prevent bloodshed
EU commissioner says member states must take in Afghans under 'immediate threat'
Three people killed as Taliban break up protest
The Taliban violently broke up a protest in eastern Afghanistan today.
At least 17 people were injured during a stampede at Kabual airport.
Militants have met former leaders from the toppled US-backed government.
Johnson says idea UK could have prevented Afghan collapse ‘an illusion’
Human remains found in wheel well of US military plane following Kabul airport chaos
33 Irish citizens waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan
Taliban allowing ‘safe passage’ from Kabul in US air evacuation
Debunked: No, images of refugees do not show there were 'just men' on planes leaving Afghanistan
'We fear what is coming': Women in Kabul speak out as Taliban takes back control
Women living in Kabul tell The Journal "everyone is living in fear" since the Taliban regained control
Females in particular are afraid to leave their homes, Órla Ryan and Laura Byrne write
"We simply do not know what they have in store for us. All we can do now is wait," Mahbouba Seraj says
Coveney announces €1 million in funding to support people of Afghanistan
Taliban news conference hears promise of women's rights 'within the framework of Sharia'
Photo shows more than 600 Afghans on US military flight hours after Kabul fell to Taliban
Joe Biden's defiance over Afghanistan tests global alliances
Irish woman in Kabul 'confident' she will be able to leave city within next two days
Countries urged to take in Afghan refugees as thousands try to flee Taliban
Biden says he stands 'squarely behind decision' to withdraw from Afghanistan
Seven dead at Kabul Airport as videos appear to show people clinging to plane during takeoff
The US military had earlier secured a perimeter around the airport as Kabul fell to the Talban.
Commercial flights were also cancelled from Kabul.
The UN said the Security Council would meet over Afghanistan later today.
'They'll make it a living hell for women': Afghans in Ireland urge government to help their families
Timeline: 20 years after invading Afghanistan, the US faces its 'not Saigon' moment
Almost 20 years since the US entered Afghanistan, the troop pull-out has seen the Taliban return swiftly across the country.
President Joe Biden's urging of Afghans to "fight for themselves" has proven a fruitless plea.
How did we get here that, despite trillions of dollars, the situation appears back to square one?
The Taliban are returning to power in Afghanistan after two decades - but who are they?
Tom Clonan: 'Scenes of desperation at Kabul Airport speak to the barbarity of the Taliban'
Afghanistan's president vows to prevent more bloodshed as Taliban nears Kabul
Taliban near gates of Kabul as US prepares to fly out thousands of officials
The Taliban have taken four more provincial capitals in sweep across Afghan south.
The Department of Foreign Affairs has said it is 'gravely concerned' about the situation.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has convened crisis talks on Afghanistan today.