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Coveney defends Defence department's handling of offer to buy long-range 'heavy lift' aircraft
Documents show Ireland was offered aircraft eight months before Afghan rescue mission - despite Coveney denial
Kim Kardashian West funds flight to bring female Afghan footballers to the UK
Pakistan hosts US, Russia and China for talks on Afghanistan
19 killed in attack on Kabul military hospital
Three Irish-resident families evacuated from Afghanistan
More Irish citizens evacuated from Afghanistan
IS claims deadly suicide attack on Shiite mosque in Afghanistan that killed at least 41 people
Taliban warns world leaders that global security will be affected if sanctions on their regime continue
Taliban to hold talks with EU and US officials in push for international support
Taliban says US will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan
Taliban ‘will not work with US to contain Islamic State’
Suicide bomber kills at least 55 during Friday prayers at Afghan mosque
Dozens more Irish citizens evacuated from Afghanistan
Children are dying of malnutrition in Afghanistan, officials warn
Government agrees to provide up to 500 extra places for Afghan family members
Taliban hang bodies of four alleged kidnappers in Herat city as 'lesson to abductors'
Ireland has now offered humanitarian access visas to 400 Afghans
Taliban official speaks of strict punishment and says executions will return
Most Irish people want the State to take in more than 230 Afghan refugees
Further 11 Irish citizens moved out of Afghanistan with their families
Explainer: How does family reunification work in Ireland? And what are the problems with it?
‘Sorry is not enough’, says survivor of US drone strike killings
Three blasts kill at least two in Afghanistan's Jalalabad
Taliban government ‘will not allow militants to use its territory for attacks’
Open Thread: Tell us about your experience of migration
‘Credible evidence’ of Taliban reprisal killings, says UN human rights chief
As the Taliban cement their position, they've been making clear their views on the role of women
First foreigners on commercial flight fly out of Kabul since US pulled out
New Taliban government faces opposition with scattered protests in Afghan cities
'All you could hear was gunshots': Soldier on scenes at Kabul airport as civilians tried to flee
Taliban supreme leader says new govt will 'work towards upholding Islamic rules and sharia law'
Hundreds of people waiting to fly out of Afghanistan as NGO says Taliban is blocking flights
Taliban say last resistance holdout in Panjshir Valley 'completely captured'
Talks with Taliban must continue to evacuate more people, Merkel says
Tom Clonan: The Taliban's power grab was spectacular but they can't govern at gunpoint
'Avoid firing in the air, thank God instead': Taliban prepare for government as fighting rages
EU sets conditions for Taliban ties and civilian presence in Kabul
Afghan women stage protest outside presidential palace in Kabul
Race to reopen Kabul airport with many still desperate to flee Afghanistan