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Missing Mails: Wiping of ministers’ texts and emails to be addressed with new policies
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Top civil servant declines to answer questions about Cabinet leaks during 'mischievous' committee
Taoiseach's Secretary General to come before Oireachtas Committee over Zappone appointment
Zappone a ‘private citizen’ says Taoiseach, after she turns down committee invite
Minister Simon Coveney wins confidence vote in the Dáil by 92 votes to 59
Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry resigns party whip and will vote against Simon Coveney in confidence motion
Katherine Zappone will be asked to appear before an Oireachtas Committee to answer questions
Simon Coveney ’embarrassed’ by Katherine Zappone fiasco
As Fine Gael think-in begins, Varadkar and ministers apologise to their party for 'bad summer'
Sinn Féin motion on Coveney is a publicity stunt, says Humphreys
Taoiseach 'has confidence' in Simon Coveney, says spokesperson
'It wasn’t a job offer': Coveney says Zappone should have been told role wasn't a 'done deal'
Coveney acknowledges "making mistakes in recent weeks" and that this has created "a political embarrassment for the Government"
In hindsight , Coveney says it would have been helpful for him to respond to Zappone's text to tell her that it was not a job offer, but rather a concept.
The minister called Zappone on Sunday to tell her their text messages were being released
'A crisis in FOI': How Zapponegate highlighted crucial flaws in Ireland's transparency legislation
Zapponegate: Ex-Minister texted Coveney to say thanks for 'incredible opportunity' in March
Coveney is due back before an Oireachtas committee tomorrow morning and has promised to answer questions on the documents.
Texts released today add further detail to the timeline surrounding the planned appointment of Zappone to the UN envoy role.
The document dump also includes a text from Zappone in the aftermath of the Merrion-gate controversy.
Sinn Féin calls for all documents related to Zappone appointment to be published
'You're trying to say an apple's an orange': Martin and Varadkar want perspective on Zapponegate
'I've been hacked': Coveney says he is being 'prudent' by clearing his phone regularly
Coveney received a text but not a 'formal invitation' to Zappone event at Merrion Hotel