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Last year
South-east Ukraine is now main focus of fighting, says Russia
Russia says it intercepted two drones near Crimea as Kyiv retakes village on southern frontline
Ukraine urges civilian evacuations in the northeast as Russia claims gains
Russia has no red lines to prevent attacks on nuclear plant, says Ukraine's energy minister
Ukraine says tension over key nuclear plant is 'decreasing', but local authorities fear the worst
UN nuclear watchdog urges access to power plant as Zelenskyy says Russia is planning attack
Explainer: Why would Russia strike a dam in territory it currently controls?
Ukraine nuclear plant 'living on borrowed time', says UN nuclear chief
UN atomic watchdog chief arrives at Ukraine nuclear plant held by Russia in rare visit
Zelenskyy visits frontline near Bakhmut following night of missile and drone attacks
Russia unleashes missile and drone strikes in eastern and southern Ukraine
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Russian strikes on Ukraine grid 'crime against humanity,' Zelenskyy tells UN
UN atomic watchdog chief denounces 'targeted strikes' on Ukraine nuclear plant
Ukraine says Russia 'kidnapped' two nuclear plant workers
Russian attack on Zaporizhzhia apartment buildings leaves multiple people dead
Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant loses last external power link
Zelenskyy says Ukraine has retaken nearly 2,500 square kilometres in new counteroffensive
At least three killed as Russian strikes hit residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia
Ukraine claws back more territory in strategic southern Kherson region
Moscow says troops 'withdrawn' from key Ukraine town of Lyman
Russian strike kills 25 people on humanitarian convoy in Ukraine, official says
UN nuclear chief pushes for deal on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant safety zone
Final reactor at Ukraine nuclear plant shut down after power restored
Tom Clonan: There is now little chance of a Russian breakthrough in Ukraine
Ukraine power plant needs safety zone to avoid nuclear disaster, say experts
Ukraine says nuclear plant offline after Russian shelling
UN nuclear agency inspectors to stay in Ukraine power plant to ensure safety
UN nuclear agency team arrive at Russia-held power plant in Ukraine
International Atomic Energy Agency wants 'permanent presence' at Russia-held nuclear plant
UN's nuclear agency travelling to Zaporizhzhia plant, as Ukraine launches offensive in south
Radiation leak fears as cities near Ukrainian nuclear plant shelled
Fears of radiation leak mount near Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Russia has put Europe one step away from radiation disaster, Zelenskyy says
Ukrainian nuclear plant near fighting is cut off from power grid
Twelve Ukrainians wounded in apartment block attacked by Russians
Ireland calls for Russia to end 'illegal occupation' of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant
UN nuclear watchdog warns of 'grave hour' at Ukraine nuclear plant following shelling
Kyiv calls for new sanctions against Russia and a demilitarised zone around nuclear power plant
The International Atomic Energy Agency has warned of "the very real risk of a nuclear disaster" from shelling at the Zaporizhzhia plant.
The first grain ship to reach its final destination after departing from Ukraine has docked in Turkey.
The World Bank announced it was mobilising another $4.5 billion in US-provided financial support for Ukraine.
Zelenskyy says Russia must take responsibility for nuclear plant 'terror'
Russia accused of shelling from captured Ukraine nuclear plant