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# xenophobia - Sunday 13 September, 2020

How an electrical fire in Balbriggan became a weapon used by the far-right to ignite racial tensions in the town

Far-right activists tried to paint the incident as some form of criminal act.

# xenophobia - Monday 14 August, 2017

The number of hate groups in the US has been on the rise since 2014

President Trump denounced “evil” racism, bigotry and hatred during a speech today.

# xenophobia - Tuesday 6 December, 2016

This giant rear end hoovered up all the attention - but it's been beaten to the Turner Prize

The prize is awarded to a British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition, and has become synonymous with controversy in its 32-year history.

# xenophobia - Tuesday 29 November, 2016

The word of 2016? Xenophobia

Quite literally. has announced xenophobia, defined as ‘dislike of people from other countries’, as its word of the year.

# xenophobia - Wednesday 2 December, 2015

US politician has a plan for immigrant criminals who re-enter illegally: Execute them

One local political leader called the comments “vile, hateful and downright deplorable.”

# xenophobia - Friday 21 August, 2015

# xenophobia - Tuesday 21 April, 2015

'All of a sudden they hate foreigners, and we get two choices - go home or be killed'

Immigrants in South Africa have shared their stories.

# xenophobia - Wednesday 19 November, 2014

New legislation needed to stop online "trolls"

The report published today looks at the need for regulation specific to online harassment.

# xenophobia - Friday 4 July, 2014

Racist graffiti outside Convention Centre mars citizenship ceremonies for new Irish citizens

3,860 people from 123 different countries were made naturalised Irish citizens.

# xenophobia - Thursday 19 June, 2014

Attacks on foreigners in Germany rise by 20%

New figures show that there were 473 xenophobic attacks in 2013 – up from 393 the previous year.

# xenophobia - Tuesday 20 November, 2012

Poland: Man arrested over plot to detonate 3.6-tonne bomb outside parliament

The 45-year-old allegedly planned to detonate the car bomb while the president, prime minister and MPs were inside.

# xenophobia - Monday 21 May, 2012

Column: National pride or bald-faced bigotry? Maybe neither, or both.

Being proud to be Irish is sometime looked on as a social gaffe, writes Lisa McInerney, but that’s not always fair… and it’s not always the best way to figure out who really is racist…

# xenophobia - Monday 2 April, 2012

From The Daily Edge WATCH: Possibly the most Oirish TV ad from 1979 you’ll see today Oirishly Ever After This post contains videos

WATCH: Possibly the most Oirish TV ad from 1979 you’ll see today

Oirish Spring has the benefit of two deodourants, to get you all fresh and clean, so it does, begorrah…

# xenophobia - Monday 26 March, 2012

New website allows people to record and monitor racism

The website is part of a joint initiative by 17 EU member states and supported by the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

# xenophobia - Friday 3 February, 2012

From The Daily Edge Column: Cardinal Rules – On cross-cultural exchange Humour

Column: Cardinal Rules – On cross-cultural exchange

This week, the (not) Primate of All Ireland and his colleagues ruminate on multicultural Ireland and embrace the “great big melting pot our little island has become”.

# xenophobia - Thursday 2 February, 2012

Column: Here’s what it’s really like being Polish in Ireland

Are the Irish racists? No – but there is an undercurrent of xenophobia in everyday life, writes Polish-born Dubliner Anna Pas.

# xenophobia - Wednesday 21 December, 2011

Eight US soldiers charged in connection with comrade's suicide

A 19-year-old private shot himself after allegedly being subjected to racial taunts from other members the armed forces.

# xenophobia - Monday 7 March, 2011

Take 5: Monday

Five things you need to know by 5 o’clock.

# xenophobia - Friday 4 March, 2011

From The42 The xenophobic ‘Ould Enemy’ cack spluttered over a cricket game shows how immature a country we can be Brit Bashing

The xenophobic ‘Ould Enemy’ cack spluttered over a cricket game shows how immature a country we can be

The Ireland team who excelled at cricket should be applauded. But the Brit-bashing celebration of their feat is hypocritical for a country that is, in many ways, becoming ‘more British than Britain itself’.

# xenophobia - Friday 27 August, 2010

THE UNITED NATIONS has urged France to discontinue deporting Roma Gypsies, adding that it was concerned about “discriminatory” political speeches in France.

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said that the French authorities should acknowledge individual circumstances when considering deportation – and stressed that collective deportation was not the solution.

However, the French authoties have defended their actions regarding the action, saying that they have been “scrupulously respecting European law”.

France began repatriating groups of Roma, most of whom had arrived in France from Romania, earlier this month. Authorities broke up illegal camps where the Roman had been camping and arranged for thousands of men, women, and children to board planes out of the country.

Families and individuals who agreed to leave were given money: each adult received €300 and each child €100.

France has stressed that although the Roma are entitled to live and work in France as EU citizens, if a person has not secured a work permit within three months of arriving they cannot stay. Those who support the action have said that the camps in which the Roma were living were illegal.

However, Roma complain that they find it extremely difficult to find employment and that the are forced to live in camps.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that 300 illegal camps are to be removed.

The UN has urged France to focus its attention on integrating Roma into their society and providing them with access to education, health care, and housing rather than deporting them. Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe.

The UN also says that, despite reports that said the Roma had volunteered to leave France, many did not fully understand their rights.

Opposition parties say that by taking such an extreme approach, Sarkozy is attempting to hold on to support for the 2012 elections. His government’s popularity has taken a sharp dive recently.

The UN committee also targeted what it viewed as discriminatory rhetoric used by French politicians, saying that the country should:

…intensify its efforts using all means, notably by firmly condemning all racist or xenophobic discourse by politicians and taking appropriate measures to combat the proliferation of racist acts or manifestations on the Internet.