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Rise in employers breaking national minimum wage laws, but fewer prosecutions
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US President Biden slams Kellogg's for replacing workers who are on strike
Retail workers being docked pay or have to 'pay back' time to attend Covid-19 vaccine appointments
One 28-year-old retail worker told The Journal: "We are told our wages are docked for the time we are gone for the vaccine until the time we are back."
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said that it's 'in everyone's interest' for retail staff to get vaccinated, and urged employers to be more flexible.
Vaccines being offered to younger cohorts during the busy summer season may result in 'less-than-accommodating' work environments.
Workers to get at least 10 days paid sick leave phased in between now and 2025
'Under pressure': Industry urges State to open horticultural workforce to non-EU workers
Ireland has major 'pull factor' for seasonal workers fleeing economic hardship
Growing pains: Fears for migrant workers who carry the load of Ireland's horticulture boom
Uncertainties raised over protections for striking Debenhams workers
Taoiseach slams ‘shabby, shoddy and unacceptable’ treatment of Debenhams workers
Meat plant workers have a choice between going to work with Covid symptoms or not getting paid, Dáil told
Migrant rights group seeks meeting with Taoiseach over 'serious' concerns from meat factory workers
Nearly 1,500 cases linked to 28 meat factory outbreaks across the country
'Disservice' to prevent Debenhams worker protests, says Regina Doherty
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