# Wait Times

Last year
HSE caps wait time for children's aids funding at three weeks
'Winter trolley numbers in May': INMO slam hospital wait times as almost 12,000 without beds
All time
Mater Hospital urges public to avoid emergency department due to ‘extreme pressure’
Central Bank calls on Irish banks to improve customer support waiting times
Shane Ross says new law was needed as gardaí seize 377 cars driven by unaccompanied learner drivers
Almost 15,000 elderly people were forced to wait over 24 hours in emergency departments last year
Dublin dad says family holiday in jeopardy due to 'misinformation' and delays getting baby's passport
'I waited in A&E with my 5-week-old baby for 36 hours'
Jobseekers appeals taking over 25 weeks to process
Patients waiting up to 70 weeks for orthopaedic surgeries in Derry hospital