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Last year
The largest asteroid samples ever collected have returned to Earth in a NASA probe
Man suspected of threatening President Biden shot and killed by FBI
Man claims he became ‘self-imposed recluse’ after injury from ski crash with Gwyneth Paltrow
GoPro video footage of Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash may not exist, US court told
Gwyneth Paltrow’s claim that fellow skier crashed into her not plausible, trial told
Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘reckless’ behaviour left skier with severe brain injuries, US court told
Five children among eight relatives found shot dead in Utah home
All time
FBI confirm Gabby Petito was killed in homicide as search for boyfriend continues
Monolith emerges in California after Utah and Romania works disappear
Mysterious metal monolith discovered in US desert disappears
'Are they bouncing satellites off it?': Metal monolith discovered in Utah sparks mystery
'We can disagree without hating each other': Opponents in Utah release joint campaign video promoting civility
US teen crashes car while driving blindfolded as part of 'Bird Box' challenge
Mitt Romney, who Trump branded a 'stone cold loser', wins Senate seat
Tesla car, in autopilot mode, speeds up before crashing into parked fire engine
Elk dies after leaping at low flying helicopter
Nurse arrested after refusing to draw blood from unconscious patient settles case for $500,000
Utah police officer fired after being caught on camera handcuffing and dragging nurse
'Please sir, you're hurting me': Video shows nurse being arrested for refusing to take blood sample
'Great men sometimes do bad things': Shock as US judge sentences rapist bishop
Teenagers shoot 14-year-old girl in the head and leave her in a ditch for iPod and $55
Police in US warn people against accidentally eating cannabis-infused sweets
Trucker accused of keeping women as sex slaves faces 20 years in prison
"It broke me": Native American sues Mormon church over sex abuse claims
"Had she not been diagnosed, I don't think I would have caught mine."
Utah father and son arrested after five women lured into house and tied up in basement
US state declares porn a 'public health crisis'
Four men are accused of raping a child on Easter Sunday
Teenager who survived Boston bombing injured in Brussels airport attack
Angry crowds rally after police officer 'shoots teenager carrying broomstick'
A judge who sentenced a man to 55 years in prison is pleading for his release
Founder of 'white people' dating site says he's not racist as he dated a black woman once
These hairdressers came together to give homeless people free haircuts for Christmas
These hairdressers came together to give homeless people free haircuts for Christmas
This town is putting out fake Christmas packages to 'confuse and frustrate' thieves
'Upset' man charged with calling in bomb threat to hospital as he was missing the birth of his child
Mormonism is taking a lot of heat for its attitude towards gay rights
Fatal flood opens old wounds for an isolated, polygamous sect with a dark past
Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is fighting Evander Holyfield
Toddler in Utah horrifically 'beaten to death over a dirty nappy'