# US Election

28th February 2024
'Take a look at the other guy': Biden takes aim at Trump in defence against age concerns
Biden and Trump win Michigan primaries, despite US President suffering Gaza protest vote
This week
25th February 2024 - 29th February 2024
Nikki Haley lost the GOP primary in her home state but will stay in race as Trump 'alternative'
Last month
January 2024
Trump closer to presidential race against Biden as he wins New Hampshire Republican primary
In the Democratic primary, Biden won the state despite not being officially on the ballot.
US state investigates artificial voice message impersonating Joe Biden ahead of election
Trump wins Iowa presidential caucuses to reinforce status as Republican frontrunner
Larry Donnelly: What to look for as Iowa and New Hampshire choose their nominees for president
Trump asks US Supreme Court to review Colorado ruling barring him from ballot
Last year
Maine election official removes Trump from 2024 presidential primary ballot
Republican Tim Scott drops out of US presidential race as Trump maintains large lead
Former US vice president Mike Pence ends his campaign for the White House
Democratic congressman challenges Joe Biden for presidential nomination
Eminem asks Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to stop using his music on campaign trail
Trump plans to skip first Republican presidential debate for interview with Tucker Carlson
As Trump faces federal charges, who are the Republicans vying to fight Biden in the next US election?
Mike Pence touts his Irish heritage as he formally launches White House bid
Former US vice president Mike Pence to launch presidential campaign
Joe Biden says he ‘got sandbagged’ after falling at military graduation event
Florida's Republican governor Ron DeSantis has officially launched his presidential campaign
Republican senator Tim Scott launches 2024 US presidential bid
All time
Trump poised to launch 2024 comeback bid as he makes 'very big announcement' tonight
Pence says idea of overturning presidential election result was ‘un-American’
Voting machine maker suing Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani for damages of $1.3 billion
Larry Donnelly: I cannot forgive Trump for imploring his most radicalised followers to storm the Capitol
Opinion: The true test of Biden will be his handling of climate change
Martial law raised as suggestion in White House meeting on resisting election result
Larry Donnelly: Thinking of all emigrants like me this Christmas - not getting back home is really tough
Ireland's economy is on track for recovery but Brexit and Biden could soften our cough, says ESRI
Biden praises US 'flame of democracy' and criticises Trump after Electoral College win
Wisconsin judge rules against Trump lawsuit seeking to overturn Biden win in state
'I want to stay presidential': Donald Trump calls on Georgia governor to overturn election result
Joe Biden suffers hairline fractures in foot while playing with dog
Trump says he will not 'change mind' on election fraud claims
Donald Trump says he will leave the White House if Electoral College confirms Joe Biden win
Trump accepts Biden transition must begin - but insists he's still not conceding 'rigged' election
Biden to start naming cabinet picks Tuesday as Trump continues to resist
Georgia hand recount result expected to confirm Biden win
Trump fires US election security official who rejected election fraud claims
Obama warns of ‘dangerous path’ amid Trump’s refusal to accept election result
Opinion: Why Biden’s presidency will be defined by the Georgia vote in January